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Can someone please calm me down right now?

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Account Closed
I am so enraged at myself right now that I could end It tonight.
Please calm me down,
I have no one in real life to turn to

Hey, PollyAnna. It looks like you logged off not to long ago, but if you come back and still need some consoling, feel free to contact me. Unfortunately I can't do much for you unless I know the situation. But if you are willing to share, you may either continue the conversation here or send me a PM.

Please stay safe for me tonight. Personally, I think suicide via anger/spite is the most tragic way to go.
I'm getting my account closed,so we'll talk via msn from now on,ok?
Oh, I'm sorry,PollyAnna. I posted before I saw your last post. I didn't see the little green thingy that indicated that you were on so I assumed that you had left.
I haven't been on my windows live account since it changed it up because I'm too impatient to figure it out, but if you still want to talk it out, my windows live is melissasacco@optonline.net. If that fails, melissasacco@optonline.net also doubles as my e-mail.
Oh, I think I figured it out. Just had to reinstall it? Anyway, if you're still on and interested in chatting, you can either initiate with me or give me your address. I'm not sure why, but I have a feeling that it's important for me to get in contact with you. If you don't want to, that' okay too. Just be sure not to do anything impulsively.
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