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Can someone remind me what the point of life is supposed to be?


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sorry to be so vague. I am just very very tired. I am just going to go to bed and I am sure I will remember in the morning. I have people that love me, it's just a tough time. It just feels sucky that my reason to live at is so that others won't have to suffer grief of my loss. I just have a hard time living with people who are so unhappy all the time. Any 'happiness' is so contrived. Never mind, it will be better tomorrow I suppose. It just seemed too much today.


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Ho @Robster73 I am sorry you're feeling so poorly today. Sometimes we lose sight of why we continue to stay alive and that is a part of depression i'm afraid. I hope you feel somewhat better in the morning and if not, let us know okay?

*hug Try and have a nice, calm weekend.
If something is bothering you that much, be warned it most likely will return. Please just stay positive and take the 'right' steps to deal with it. It will pay off later:)

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