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Can;;t do Thiiis Anymorre

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aftter rrreeading everrrones poosst
thoutth i wlld give itt one mmmore try
acttually weent to mmy plaacce
i ddoo 1 houurr a daaay
sattt in the sttaff rooomm about 5 mins
and walked righht outtt the backk drroor
i clln''tt do it
i faiiiled aggain
nnooow i m' crryinng and alll upsett
ii ca''''t do thiis anymoree.
:hug: Please hang in there. you can do it. I know you can. And I know its hard but we are here for you. I'm sorry you are so down :(

What place did you go to?
You can get through this..... Your a strong person you need to fight this.... Go for a fast walk or run, get the blood pumping around your body and get those natural endorphins flowing... Come on don't lose hope!
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