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Ideas & Opinions Can we cure ED quick?


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Sorry if I have been asking this but what if my friends emotional support actually did do try to pull me out from treatment and can leave it as that? I know they’re not 24/7 to help spoon feed me always but, its just eating with them helps me be less anxious around food and less pressure. (At home is worse btw) And when I’m alone thats when I get stubborn. I just wish I can get out of treatment.

I mean my friends advice is easy right? (He’s an obese, bigger than me and brighter and livelier than me who is so not afraid of food) He said “Baby steps. Failure is fine rather than you stopping all together. Process is definitely tiring. Find motivation kid.” Easy fix right?


Your friend is right. Baby steps, and failing once or twice or a thousand times is okay as long as you don’t quit.

And as for your second post, yeah, you definitely need something in your life to give a shit about that isn’t connected to your disorder. You’ll drive yourself crazy otherwise.


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My best advice HappyKitty would be to distract yourself, make eating as little of the focus of the situation as possible and then slowly reduce the distractions you use over weeks or months. I find distraction is a powerful tool, I used it with my sister a lot, and with myself, when my sister was having anxiety attacks I would video call her, play online games with her and watch the same TV shows with her (synced) all at the same time, the huge amount of things for her to process helped distract her a little and the anxiety slowly faded back to tolerable levels, problem is it came back when the call ended, so I was on some LONG calls with her for a while. (I was unemployed at the time so no biggy)

Still, if something gives you anxiety, then avoid thinking about it, do it as absent-mindedly and distractedly as possible using as many distractions as you can and then slowly bring your focus back to it, I know its crap advice, but I think being with someone you trust also helps take the focus off eating and his... rotund nature... helps normalise the idea of eating, you trust him, he trusts food, ergo, you trust food.


Took 5 years to learn how to make a custom title.
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Nothing in the mind is quick, one way I like to think about it is what I like to call "Groovy Thinking" (don't tell me the official name, mine is better :P) Your brain is constantly rewiring itself, strengthening commonly used pathways and letting less used ones degrade, you can imagine it as a rocky, overgrown landscape, the paths you follow eventually become smooth grooves in the lapscape that are easy to traverse so you use them often, to change your patterns you need to force yourself to take a new rough, unforged path over and over until you make it smooth a groove in the landscape, and avoid the old paths long enough for them to fill in and overgrow again, (i.e. strengthen new pathways and let the old ones degrade) every time you take that old familiar path you help keep it clear, and you want the groove to fill in and overgrow again. Changing thought patterns, like erosion of a landscape, takes time and continual repetition and reinforcement.

p.s. i know I just spouted supreme confusing BS, but I cant explain it any better atm...

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