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Can you be suicidal without being depressed?


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@MisterBGone I don't know what my CPN or pdoc would do seeing as my mood is stable. It's just very odd and feels unnatural.
Hi @Butterfly, I know it’s logical, and tempting to try to presume what your care team might do, but really, that should be left up to them (in case you’re wrong...) :^) now, I think maybe putting in a message - phone call, patient portal communication, etc. would be wise, so that your pdoc can decide whether or not something simple could be done in the meantime (prior to your appt.)

perhaps it is something of a “balancing act,” that if naturally, or innately occurring in you - given the radical (don’t mean in a negative sense) / extraordinary amount of change that has happened, or occurred in a relatively short period of time. That’s a lot for anyone to adjust to, m. i., or not... And especially when considering where you were before that, and everything you’ve gone through.

so in short, this doesn’t sound so surprising to me — this reaction you’re having , or experiencing of sorts. In fact, it almost seems normal were I to place myself in your shoes. And in so doing, what would worry me —(or concern me most, rather); is this thing you’re referencing & referring to. Because I could then see myself following through on, or with it almost without a care in the world.
Which would obviously not be a desirable outcome, or thing.
And that is why, I suggested what I’d suggested at the beginning - worst thing that could happen, they say “chill & dont fret- stand pat you’ve got nothing to worry about, etc.” or maybe they can bump your appointment up a little sooner. Or something in between? : ) regardless, good luck 🍀👍


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I believe you can be suicidal without being depressed. You can just not want to live any more. This is unusual though, not the norm. The push is coming from your subconscious mind I believe, although I am not a doctor. The best thing to do is recognize right away you don't want this thought, switch your mind to thinking about something else. It will probably go away after a while if you don't dwell on it. I really hope that you can overrcome it and feel better soon.

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