Can you find anything positive or say something motivating to keep me going?

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    For the past 5 years I have taken care of my grandmother, and that has been my only job. Anyone who has taken care of a sick family member will understand just how hard it is. I went back to school during that time, and graduated this past December, but of course I cannot find a job. I am either over qualified or do not have enough experience.

    My grandmother passed away this March, and these past years she was not mentally capable to change her will, so her brother got the house we lived in, and since the will had him getting the house he told me I had no living rights there so I was made to move out and move in with my mother, who I am living with now. I had plans to go back to school next week, because I got accepted into the Respiratory program at my school. It is a hard program to get into, but if you can get in and get through it you are almost guranteed a job as soon as you graduate or sometimes before you even graduate you are offered a job.

    But of course that hope has also gone out the window. Since I have the other degree I cannot receive financial aid, and since I have no job I cannot get a student loan. So now I must wait another complete year before I can enter the program.

    So come on and figure out why in the world should I have any kind of hope. I am 38 living with my mother, no job, and the hope I had about going back to school this semester is gone.
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    Can you contest the fact that you got nothing, even tho you were the soul carer of your grandmother?
    Might be worth getting some legal advice and in the meantime, I'd approach her brother and point out just how unfair it is that your life is the crapper.
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    Go and talk to the school financial dept see what grants or bursaries they have to offer See if they can help point you in direction of where you can apply for some grants Perhaps if you can ask for a loan that can be paid back after graduation