Can you get things done?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by GraySky, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. GraySky

    GraySky Member

    I want to but I always end up doing nothing in the end. I'm just a dissappointment to everyone. My friends and teachers always ask why I don't get my work done and I never know what to tell them. I wish some one would just hold me and really understand what's wrong...
  2. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    :arma: :hug: wish these virtual hugs could be of help to you

    if you need and want to talk, you can pm me

    granny xx
  3. grei

    grei Well-Known Member

    I know exactly how you feel. School is getting ridiculous for me (with honors and AP classes out the wazoo), and I've been spending all of my free time either on the computer or lying in bed like a lazy bum.

    On one of my dearest, closest friends (who I only see every couple of years!) keeps telling me how excited he is about what he's getting me for Christmas. I shamefully told him he'd probably be just getting a drawing from me, and he said "A drawing from you would be all I'd ever want for Christmas, my Dear". Now I can't even find the motivation to draw for him, and I feel TERRIBLE about it.

    ...Obviously not terrible enough to draw, though.

    So, yes, I know exactly how it feels to not be getting anything done and to be disappointing people close to you. :(
  4. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    You've explained the effects yet not the motivation or reason(s) for this lethargy.

    It is like you are a bear sleeping for winter. Breathing, alive yet not doing a thing about anything. Have you ibernated for winter as well or is there other reason8s) for this state you are into?
  5. down_and_low

    down_and_low Active Member

    I'm very similar. I've just broken up from uni for the christmas holidays, and the last week was terrible. Id let all my work build up, and for some reason just didn't do any of it. I just couldn't! I ended up mainly watching awful daytime tv or lying in bed.
    I do identify with the hibernation theory by Endinday. I just feel like all i can do it curl up into a ball and sleep!
  6. Beattles

    Beattles Well-Known Member

    most of the times i do get some stuff done but it takes a lot of effort focusing.
  7. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    You guys are drained out. You have no energy left within... dried out.
    Normal not to feel like doing a thing about anything. You lack something either it is biochimical or energizer or something... what you need is to regain control over your bodies. Vitamins, carbo, boosters to your systems and lots of sleep and activivites outdoor. You can spend all of your time nose in books and running to classes, studying all night and eating when you have time and whatever coz your on the run not to pay the price sooner or later.

    Booze and else are not the answer though so lets be clear on that. You need a healthy rythm, steady rytm study habit, enough sleep and keep time to get some fresh air to regenerate your whole physical and mental.

    Otherwise it will affect your score, your health and grades.... and go down the road of depression. Now that you are on Christmas holiday break, why not take time to make a decent scedule to be followed after you return into classes? Perhaps get advance in readin some material for next semester yet keeping time to enjoy yourselves. _That way you will make it through the school year and pass on to the next year without stressing yourselves out.

    Remember also that should you fall back or have problems with a material, teachers do recieve after school hours on or without apointment to help out students and that's free so do bother asking for help as soon as problem arise not at the last minute or after you've had gone through hell of stress trying to no avail to resolve something on your own.

    Sorry, done with preaching.... just common sense and experience :hug:

    Enjoy your holidays and best wishes for the next semester.
    Granny x

    p.s. hibernation is more than half way through for bears..... 3 months from now they will be looking out for food and ..... so no excuses to hibernate longer than them kiddos.
  8. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    no I dont, I have no motivation to do anything, it's hard enough to eat let alone study or whatever. Usually takes me a few days to do a simple task.
    All I do is procrastinate. I hate it. And it makes me mad at myself more.

    oh me too! :hug:
  9. Beattles

    Beattles Well-Known Member

    i know all about that :)
  10. flowerpot

    flowerpot Well-Known Member

  11. NothingThereAllAlong

    NothingThereAllAlong Active Member

    Yes, I can relate.

    What’s weird is, I don’t take care of myself or any aspect of my life, but I make other people’s lives absolutely perfect.
  12. meh__

    meh__ Well-Known Member

    yah i always start projects and never finish
  13. bleach

    bleach Well-Known Member

    No, and when I do get something done, it's usually such a poor job that I feel even more incompetent than if I hadn't done it.
  14. incombustible2000

    incombustible2000 Well-Known Member

    grape seed extract is a herb that could help you, it helps a lot of people with energy and all those problems you are having... and well taking it, drink lots of water... good luck
  15. SoHappyItHurts

    SoHappyItHurts Well-Known Member

    I usually get motivated after days if not weeks of being bored to death of the typical distractions like surfing the Net.

    A classic tip is to do something for just 5 minutes since getting started is the hard part.

    A less common but helpful tip from the book The Now Habit by Neil Fiore is to schedule the fun, relaxing, and/or recreational stuff first. Granted, with depression, things don't seem very fun, but the point is to focus on trying to enjoy your day as much as possible. By being happier or at least less depressed, one will more likely be willing to do tasks that require energy or focus.

    What also helps me is listening to an MP3 player while doing chores, etc.
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  16. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    Doing nothing is a wonderful feeling sometimes. Doing nothing and enjoying doing nothing. And thinking it's just great to lie in bed and sleep and eat and just enjoy doing basic things like lying in bed and sleeping and eating and listening to music and reading. That said, when I don't have my dinner prepared, that's when I get a bit frustrated with myself. I wish food could magically be made in my kitchen and I wouldn't need to cook and shop... I end up going to my parents' for dinner a few times in a week for meals. Or I just end up drifting there because I know there's food there.
  17. martijn

    martijn Active Member

    There's something in me that's saying that to be planning your own death in your mind one minute and then finish your project for school or whatever it is you have to do the next, is just morally wrong. Something clashes.
  18. SoHappyItHurts

    SoHappyItHurts Well-Known Member

    BTW, going back to the person who mentioned exercise, I totally agree. Also, I find it a lot easier to exercise than to do chores, with riding a bike requiring far less focus or effort than cleaning the house.

    Another tip:

  19. TheKitten

    TheKitten Member

    I found it a problem. I had to take a year out from university because I just couldn't do my exams. But someone mentioned that doing something for 5 mins helps because getting started is the hardest part. Its so very true. I like to give myself rewards for the things I manage to achieve too. A kick from a tough friend who doesn't give in to you also works x
  20. BOLIAO

    BOLIAO Guest

    I'm so depressed that even waking up to bed takes me a few hours. Walking around my home also takes a lot of effort. Being alive is a torture, every minute, every second. I dont know how am I going to get well. maybe cos deep inside, I know there is no way out for me this time.
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