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can you have Depression when you have BPD ?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by acecoffee, May 27, 2012.

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  1. acecoffee

    acecoffee Active Member

    can you have clinical Depression when you have BPD ?

    I had previously been diagnosis with many different mental illness and my doctor recently cross out my diagnosis of recurrent depression with psychotic feature and personality disorder NOs and replace it with emotionally unstabled personality disorder (BPD )

    when i asked the nurse about it ,they told me this is because depression and psychosis is a symptom of BPD and therefore they remove my diagnosis of depression with psychotic feature .but when my GP sign my unfit to work notes she stated 'severe depression (medical)' as the reason of unfit to work . As usual , i m getting extremely confused about whats going on.

    One of my friend had both diagnosis of depression and BPD but another friend of my stated her diagnose of depression was remove after she was diagnosis with BPD as well .

    i fit the critriea of clinical depression and i had no change in mood , feeling and behaviour since i was first diagnosis with it .
    would someone be able to clearify this for me ? many thanks .
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  2. Deonidas

    Deonidas Member

    Re: can you have clinical Depression when you have BPD ?

    BPD or Bi-Polar Disorder, as your symptoms state, will trigger both phsycotic (re:Manic) episodes as well as depressive episodes. BPD1 and BPD2 are the catagories that define how violent the swings are. As for the "unfit for work" papers BPD isn't considered a viable excuse to SSI, SSD or the government of most countries as there isn't enough research on the diagnoses. Judging from what you say though you suffer from depression most of the time so the "Sever Depression" is the only one that is a viable cause for disability.

    If you haven't had any change in mood, however, you might want to discuss that with your doctor some more.

    Mind you I can't speak for all BPD people.
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