Can You Tell How It Will Be?

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    Paint your protests on your sheets, while softly asking 'why'
    in cocaine nights, your powdered face has told one too many lies
    sink so heavily beneath the stars and rile,
    taking with you dollars in change and cosmic dust in your eyes
    Oh you see, so gracefully, you're so much older now, and the lines upon your forehead are asking for some rain,
    But don't fear, my precious dear, just don't look away, you'll be mistaken for someone lined with pain.

    starve your pretentions 'til you wander silly streets, and know no reason why
    your comedic value is a virtue, stabbing you in the side
    the order of the unknown day is too secret to ever keep
    it'll come drifting by in vague voices of terror while you sleep
    Oh you see, so terribly, you're not so young now, and your hands are bloodied by your vision that you found in the sky
    But don't fear, you haven't stepped too near, just keep 'em open while you cry, and the mutterings of your companion trace your one-lost smile

    Grasp the willingness to ask, but don't go asking why,
    your rings of smoke idly lie in the wardrobes of your mind
    the restoration of this empty space is dead and buried now
    but the secret stones of feudal roams are sliceable somehow
    oh you see, not wonderfully, you're more than human now, and your loss of past are ghosts of glass aching for more
    but don't fear, like last year, there is no pressure in the what could have beens, you ways have grown weary with the days, but we can still find the door.

    Lets dance the days away.
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