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    why is it that inasant people get such a desease why is it that there are so many good people out there that have things like cancer why does this have to happen to inicent people. i judt done no i dont no... cancer is such a big thing... i look over to my left and see emots like: :bubble: :smug: :stars: :lol!: this anoys me (im not dis-ing the emots). normaly thay make me smille today they just make me mad!! ok i dont even really no what im writing rigth now normaly i think my post though b4 typing but yea not this one i just idk... i have never had any personal experence with cancer in the way that ive had it but about 3 years ago my mum was dicnosed with cancer (shes ok now they got it early) that was hard i found myself pulling away from her not because i didnt love her or want to suport here thats far from the truth honestly i got scared i was scared of lossing my mum... but now my mum is beter but there is a chance... that... that... thats one of my bestfriends might have cancer.... :cry2: :cry: idk waht to do she has done SO SO much for me and i feel like i cant even help myself right now let alone her but i no i have to be there for her she needs me she needs me to be strong... but idk if i can deal with this again i no that sounds so selfish i just idk anymore...
    wy do good people get bad things....
  2. yorkie bar

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    I know few people who are fighting this too.

    I feel for you.

    Then, i know some people who don't care

    Hug yorkie xx
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    I know it is almost impossible but please try not to worry until you and your friend know for sure. I was 3 months pregnant when I was diagnosed. So I had to wait almost a year before anything, even a proper biopsy could be done. At first I panicked. I worried. I went nutso! But it doenst do a thing. It doesnt make the cancer go away. It doesnt make the time go any faster. It only makes you crazy. So please wait until you know for certain. Then the best thing you can do is to let your friend know that you love them and always will.
  4. justmeonlyme

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    just an update. my mates ok she doesnt have cancer she had tests done and shes ok its such a realif
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    Emma I'm so happy that the two of you got such good news. See you cant let yourself worry until you need to. My dad used to tell me dont worry about the past, you cant change it, dont worry about the future because it isnt here yet, just live for today. So now you know there are going to be many more todays so live them and enjoy them with your mate. Maybe go out and celebrate the good news!!! I'm really happy that things turned out good.