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Candle burning at both ends and have no control over it


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Every sunday night since perhaps a month ago, from maybe 8pm - 2am (yes 2 am) there is a live band playing across the street with someone belting out lyrics using a microphone and amps, and drums and brass instruments and I don't know what else because I haven't gone close enough to look because I would get hearing damage. It sounds like a parade is going on outside or if you have ever been to a sports event with a live band (like a full school band), it reminds me of that sound.

I am in a "mixed zone" so apparently it is legal to do this even though it is right across from my apartment complex and no doubt at least 100 people towards the front can't sleep due to this.
I usually try to go to bed around 10pm so my choices are to lay in bed angry for 4 hours trying to not hear it -- which doesn't work at all and I just get super angry (I lasted an hour tonight before I got up) -- or get up and try to do some hobbies for amusement which doesn't work well either because I am so tired. I tried foam earplugs but the ones I have are not good for sleeping.. are very uncomfortable to lay on. In the past I have used wax earplugs sometimes, but I don't have them now and am trying to avoid expenses due to no paycheck for almost a year and a half. Either way my sleep schedule gets wrecked despite best efforts to keep it in control. It is frustrating because it is so hard for me sometimes to keep a good sleep/eat etc schedule, due to depression etc, and some stuff like this happens and just rolls over any progress I was making.

Anyway another idea would be to just adjust my schedule and get up late Sunday and stay up late and then try to recover to normal schedule during the week. However, Monday morning the maintenance crew of the apt are promptly using loud machines about 8am, which are impossible to sleep through, plus other noises. I don't think I have any control over that either.

So combined this means that every Sunday night until I move, I am screwed. Or so it seems. I don't want to move somewhere new to sign a new lease until I find a new job, if possible. Moving is expensive one way or another. I am the type of person that unless I get a full night's sleep I am basically ruined the next day, emotionally at least, and possibly mentally(thinking) as well if the shortage is severe enough. Naps or split sleep schedule don't work for me, they make me feel like crap. After thinking of various illegal things to go to do the establishment that has the band, I decided to come on here and ask for advice instead. How would you deal with this, or what have you done in similar situations?

Thanks in advance.


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I haven’t got any advice but I couldn’t read and not respond. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. Some people are just inconsiderate arseholes. I’m really sorry I haven’t got any solutions for you :(
Sorry that you are going through this.

I am in a "mixed zone" so apparently it is legal to do this even though it is right across from my apartment complex and no doubt at least 100 people towards the front can't sleep due to this
One thing might be to talk to the people who are doing this, and see if they can do something like lower the noise level, close windows and doors, or otherwise make some kind of adjustment.

If you already know that the police or local government won't do anything about this, you could make a 100 copies of a flyer, and pass it around to others who may be also affected by the noise. 100 complaints to local government might have more impact, especially if anyone is up for re-election. Also, having a 100 people working on the problem might help to produce an answer.


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I am the same way when it comes to sleep. Sleep is very precious to me as I am an insomniac and can barely sleep on my own, let alone with live music blasting across the street.

I would be as pissed as you if I was dealing with this. My very powerful fan has been most effective in drowning out outside noise. I put it right in my room and fairly close to me. Probably goes without being said, but if it's cold just point it away from you.

Additionally, listening to a sleep guided meditation helped me *sometimes* at my last place when I was surrounded by noise.

These are really all I have to offer. It's good that it's only on Sunday nights, but for me, that's the most important night to get rest, to prepare you for the week to come ahead.

I hope you find some relief.


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-Warning any annoyance sounding in my post is probably due to lack of sleep. I very much appreciate all responses so far. -

@may71, you are right I could try to talk to them. A complication with that is that I am horrible at confronting people, although I have been trying to improve on that for a few years now but it's slow. The offender is a business and I feel like they are being super loud on purpose to draw attention to the fact that they are open again -- just guessing here, and my cynical self says that a business doesn't give a **** about me and my sleep. I know they can see the multiple apartment complexes right across the street from them. Based on where I live, the music I heard, etc. it's most likely that the owners of the business and I do not share a native language so communicating would be potentially more difficult.

I dream of having the energy or outgoingness to do something like your fliers idea. I'm more the kind of person to get repeatedly angry at the business and hate them until I move or even after that, depending on what they did. I'm not saying it's a good healthy strategy. It's just me. Maybe it's rude of me to come on here asking for ideas and then say I'm too tired or depressed or it's too hard. But pretty much everything seems too hard these days. I don't know how to get around that.

@the.end.ish I do have a small fan I could dig out and try.


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I talked to the couple that lives next to me about it. The man said it was extremely loud and he couldn't believe it. The woman said she didn't hear it, that she was knocked out.

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