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cannot cope today

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even with 8765456 benzodiazepines, im finding it very very difficult to cope today. i want the ground to swallow me up


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these kinds of days are soooo hard to face. but you're such a strong young lady. with a little help from your friends here I'm sure we can help you get through it. Keep holding on cuz it's going to be a bumpy ride but we'll get you through this. I'm a pm away if you want to talk about it sweetie :arms:


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sorry you're having such a tough day today hun :hug: we're here for you, will try to help you through it. You can drop me a pm if you ever wanna talk :hug:


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Hey Lynn, Do you have your support set up?? You are such an inspiration to so many.. You have that inner strength that has kept you going all these years..If you need to talk Just PM me..You were the first person that talked to me when I joined the forum and I haven't ever forgot that..


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Lynn, when I get this way all my mind is telling me how much I suck then I get mad for feeling this way all the time, and sad that my life has to be this way.

Please get out and do something out of the ordinary, change things up a little. Put on some loud "hate" music and dance and scream at the world, get your heart rate up, get yourself tired.

:hugtackles: Your such a thoughtful person and always have a good things to say to me, tell yourself those things, tell yourself you love you, and you want to live...
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