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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by DISTANT32, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. DISTANT32

    DISTANT32 Member

    Started self harming again, it helps but not enough. My head is a mess but i cant ask for help. I was cutting today with no intention of anything other than cutting but then i felt the urge to cut my wrist, just for a second but i didnt. Feel like im slipping in and out of life all the time but i am unable to tell anyone. I dont want medication or to talk i just want to be normal. There is no help for people like me. Help
  2. spyke

    spyke Well-Known Member

    first up

    calm down

    second of all

    most of us here self harm and are going through hell and are suicidal and depressed

    the help you seek is right here so please feel free to spill your gut's out and tell us why you're self harming and what's triggered you as usually it's the inability to get those feelings out and talk about them that leads to the urge to release in other way's via self injury
  3. Scully

    Scully Well-Known Member

    I feel like you Distant.
  4. DISTANT32

    DISTANT32 Member

    Saw my social worker this week and I couldn't handle it. I know she is working me out and I cant deal with that. Its like she is getting in my head. I am talking to her and it hurts like hell. I told her it hurts and she told me she new I was finding it hard.Im fightened because I am unable to hide how im feeling. I dont want to talk I dont want this kind of help its just making me worse. Why do people say talking helps when in fact its killing me. I know im not right in the head I know that but all the talking in the world isnt going to change who I am. I cant make sense of how I feel and I just want eveything to go away. I have one thing keeping me alive (my little girl) but I hate the fact I have to stay alive. I live for her but she deserves better. Im not sure I am controling my cutting or its controling me. I just need to cut more and more. I need help but I cant. Im frightened ill end up on a mental ward and loose my daughter. But im frightened ill give up before that can even happen. Sorry

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    there are so many different reasons why one wont get help. most of the time its because we are afraid of what might happen while we are getting help. what we dont realize is, the only way we can get better is by getting help.

    there is a certain amount of fear. we dont want meds and we dont want to talk. maybe because it brings up to much bad things. i dont know. everyone is different. you have to keep in mind that there are many ppl that care whether you live or die. we have choices ... you can commit suicide and be done with the whole thing. we then leave the world. its amazing how many of us, have to set a date .. meaning .. well we have to get things in order ... for what ???
    we wont be around. the bottom line is, we are afraid of committing to suicide. i snapped when i did the last deal. i didnt care that i didnt have enough to do the job .. i was going for what i could. you have another choice. to suffer for along time, or you can choose to get help and suffer a short amount of time but with a more positive outlook.

    i have my bad days, but they dont last as long. take a deep breath and decide honestly what you deserve. i think you will see that you deserve to live a decent life. you can change what is. you just have to have the desire.
  6. chooselife

    chooselife Well-Known Member

    What do you mean there is no help for people like you? There's help for everyone!
  7. DISTANT32

    DISTANT32 Member

    Thank you to everone who has replied. Im sorry to sound so negative, I need to find a little more strength and pick myself back up again. I have realised that by talking I am getting worse and for my daughters sake I need that to stop. At least I have worked out my limitations and sooner rather than latter. Thanks to everyone for helping.

    ODIECOM Well-Known Member

    as i was told last year .. you need to talk to more ppl.

    i dont short change those who set dates. bottom line is .. we cant understand it unless we are in their shoes.
    you want help or you wouldnt be here. so do i and many others. each of us has different levels of pain and depression.

    talk to ppl. keep writing and reading. it does help if you read with an open mind and look at what may help you in your situation.
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