Can't believe I thought it was worth it to give someone else a chance.

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    Unless you have Borderline Personality Disorder, you probably won't understand why I feel the way I feel if I try to go into detail. So, I won't. But why, I ask, is the majority's opinion of right and wrong always used as reference for what is normal in society? I always end up being "wrong" in how I feel about certain things just because most other people feel differently. I never put a gun to anyone's head and forced them to stay in a relationship with me. I was never dishonest about the way I am. I tell people right from the start that they probably can't handle me. Yet they always insist that they can. So any issues they have with the way I am from there on out, is strictly their own fault. Why should I try to change for someone else when I don't have a problem with myself? I don't feel like I really want this relationship anymore. Whatever I deluded myself was different about this time was just that...a delusion. He doesn't understand me; it was silly to think that anyone could. Only problem is, I get so attached and fear being alone so much that I can't leave him no matter how I feel.