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Can't buy a car.

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I want to buy a car, but I am only getting $11; 3 hours a day for 5 days a week. I also have to pay old doctor bills, school bills, and medication bills. How can I make this work?!!!!! It's driving me insane!!!!! I can't date because I don't have a car. I can't study right because I have to take a 53 minute bus ride to and from school; plus a 17 minute bus ride and 32 minute walk to work. I can't even afford the proper therapy and treatments I need for my problems!!! ARGH!


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:hug: It sounds hugely frustrating for you.

I don't know what subject(s) you are studying, but the 53-minute ride to and from school might be a good time to read over the assignments you have to do or to review your notes from the day.

I can appreciate the deductible you have to pay for insurance. My annual deductible for government insurance is over $300, and it's a struggle to pay it sometimes. At least they take it off in percentages in each quarter of the year and not all at once.

When I read your comment about not being able to date because you don't have a car, it made me think of some of the most memorable, happy times I had at school. I had a weekly date with a fellow who didn't have a car. He and I walked for miles and talked for hours. It was great fun being able to walk, look at the clouds, see the stars, walk all over campus...In fact, those "walking" dates are some of the best times I've ever had.

I hope you feel better about your situation soon. I'm sure you will eventually get a car - if not now, later.



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Do you live in the US? From what you are making you might be eligible for some entitlements...if you do, please PM me if I can help...J


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Are you able to get a loan? I constantly see these annoying fucking car loan ads on TV that say you could be virtually bankrupt and still get a loan :laugh:.

What kind of car were you after? I bought my car at $2000. It also came with: 4 spare doors, a spare bonnet, a spare boot, an extra engine block, 4 spare starter motors, 1 spare rear axle, 1 spare front axle, a spare dash board(complete with dials) and an extra steering wheel.

All for 2 grand. It's a 43 year old car but it works fine, had to replace like a couple of things that were worth $4 to get it roadworthy'd. But other than that it wasn't much. My parents also bought a 1990's Holden Barina for $1900. It works fine, I think it was cheaper because there was some hail damage that wasn't even mentioned on the ad....

I don't know what the car prices are like in the US, but you guys seem to have them coming out of your ears :laugh:.(get an awful lot of older cars being imported from the yanks)
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