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Can't Carry on.

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I have no purpose in life, no friends, no girlfriend and hardly any family around me. At 23 I feel like I should have quite a few friends and be in a serious relationship and without these things I feel worthless.

I struggle with serious social anxiety so I find it hard nowadays to even interact with people, how am I supposed to live when I don't know how to. All I have going for me is University but I feel that is a waste of time.

I guess I see no real reason to keep living, I spend most days couped up at home alone, I see my mother for a few hours at night time but I need a life that doesn't seem gainable.

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I supposed to live when I don't know how to

I hope you can talk to your doctor get an appt to see a therapist a psychologist. HE or she will give you the skills you need to move forward to find a path that you can live with joy Talk to your doctor about getting on medicaiton for your anxiety You are 23 you have so much time to find a relationship but to do so you have to get out join acitivities to meet people with your same interest and art class something low key but it is necessary okay hugs
Looking for a relationship, is well, tricky to say the least.
From a personal point of view and perhaps a little experience too, i have realised it means we are not content and complete in our own company. When we search for that special person it can play tricks on the heart, love is very random, very special and very hard to truely define i think.
You do have university and having social anxiety must make it very difficult.
What do i think?
I think that you need to like yourself a bit more, this can be easier said than done.
This can be cooking a nice meal for yourself, taking a walk, catching a good film or enjoying something that floats your boat.
I know what i am about to say here is a bit brutal, but its my honest point of view, so here goes.
Self-Pity is not an attractive trait...............so if you would like a special lass in your life, my heart given advice would be to try to perk up a bit.
True beauty comes from within, thats what people soon see...........and trust me.............the girls are far more astute than us lads at spotting it.
Its a persons goodness, kindness and vigour that matters.
And heres the good bit, if you try to be some of the above, finding a girl will no longer matter, because you start to like yourself again.
If you are very lucky, no, i will rephrase that...........if she is very lucky to see that in you...........maybe oneday she will find you.................usually when you least expect it!
I wish you well. stay strong, stay safe.


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You feel like you need a relationship or friends because society goes out of its way to make you feel worthless if you don't. This is especially a problem with young people like us. So many want to cast off the shackles of being a child. The easiest way to do this is by having a "relationship". After all, by the ripe old age of 25 you need to be settled in on your career right?

Ever since my roommate became engaged. I have watched him turn into a boring arrogant jerk. I know the main reason he became engaged was because he would be depressed if he wasn't married by age 25, he is almost 28. So many young people fall prey to this trap. It makes me sick really. Because then everything spirals out of control. They marry someone they think is wonderful. About a year after the honeymoon they start to get bored. Some will cheat and/or divorce. Even worse some will reproduce in a vain attempt to save their relationship. So now another human life is thrust into the turmoil.

I guess my point is you are young. The average human life is 70+ years. You have plenty of time to figure out what you want from life and to find a good mate. You are fresh out of the servitude of being a child, enjoy it. You never know true freedom until you have lived alone. It sounds to me like you still live with your family. Maybe try and get out on your own and see how that changes you.
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