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Can't Communicate

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I have a hard time communicated, whether it be writing, talking, using body language, whatever. It makes me even more "depressed" than I already am. I have one giganting headache atm.

Life seems so pointless when you know you're screwed up. Even when people tell you it isn't for you. Except in my case they don't because I choose not to be around people. So, it's a pretty hopeless situation.

This world sucks...


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There is help you can get for communicating, could you go adn talk to your doctor?

Also, if you are in education, it would be worth talking to a teacher. Conditions like Asberger's prevent people from communicating, and there is help out there.

Do you have any method of expression that you can use? Like painting? Doodling? Anything like that?


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I don't think it is necessarily aspergers. I lack some of the fundemental characteristics for that, I think. I didn't always used to have this problem, which is scary. It could just be extremely severe depression or ADD. Who knows?


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I'm not saying it is, far from it, that was just an example, whatever it is there is help for it and they can help you through this.

Maybe therapy might help, it would give you help and aid expressing yourself in different mediums, maybe you just need to reconnect with that part of you.


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Oh your so not alone InnerStrength, I've been here so long and just can't tell anyone, anyone at all exactly and everything of what makes me depressed and think about suicide, maybe its too much to say, because I'm so messed up that there's no point in talking, etc. I also have trouble communicating for sure. Otherwise, I'd probably make so much more progress on my depression but its just going nowhere. I come here like everyday and can't tell anyone whats wrong with me, sigh.........
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Hi InnerStrength :smile: I understand where you're coming from when you say you have trouble communicating because I'm in a similar situation. I'm just not comfortable with words at all. Even the music I listen to contains no words (electronic (trance, techno, etc.) ... the stuff puts me on edge). And I'm a software engineer with an addiction to coding in low level languages, again almost no words.

I can defend my movement of though, and my transition from premises to sound conclusions can be justified in a logical manner (mentally). But when the time comes for me to verbally express these arguments, they just come out all wrong :mad:. As a result i look like an idiot. I care about what others think of me, so to prevent looking like an idiot i simply don't talk, and this make me come off as a reserved and quiet person ... when inside me i know I'm really not. Sometimes i will recall past conversations, repress them, and then fantasize about how they could have turned out differently, better even (i know ... what a loser n3rd is :rolleyes: )

But i was born this way. I went to the therapy sessions and took the drugs when i was a little dude (can't remember much of it though), and i believe these things helped me a lot. Please take the advice given by the people posting in this thread and see a specialist asap before things get worse.

If you need to chat please PM me okay :smile:

Take care

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