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can't communicate

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:mad: 4 hours trying to write a letter and I've chucked it away. What is it with me and not being able to say how I feel? I try really hard and it just ends up sounding like pathetic nonsense. It's all in my head so why can't I get it out? Just once I'd like to be able to express my feelings, just one bloody time. But no, not even when it's really important. I'm beginning to think that the best thing to do is keep all my feelings about her inside. Or is that just the easy way out? "If you love her you'll let her go" "If you love her you'll fight anything in the universe for her" Which is it??? Do I fight my own inadequaces with expressing myself or do I give up and bury my feelings? I don't know, I feel so completely hopeless
Hey mal first off oodles of hugs and loves. I am so sorry that you are having trouble expressing your feelings but burying them down and not speaking them or at least writing them only makes it worse. I tend to bury everything that I can't express down and it tends to explode after awhile. If you truly love her with all your heart let her know, even if it may hurt some it'll probably still help in the end. Love yah bunches mal, if you need to talk Im around on MSN.



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Mal how about using a dictaphone or similar ? Then you can listen to it afterwards and then type it out when you've got it how you want.
sorry for bumping an incredibly old topic, but if mal's reading this i may have a piece of advice -

just write what you feel. i mean, don't give too much away, but just try to be open minded and if any words come to your head, don't worry that they're not good enough, just write them. :twocents:
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