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Can't continue anymore..

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Kimi, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Kimi

    Kimi Well-Known Member

    Hello I'm new here.. I'm sorry this post sounds like venting/rambling...
    I'm sorry...

    This is the fourth year I am having miserable and distressed spring..

    I am exhausted to have another hell day any longer.

    I used to wish not to wake up in the morning. When the morning comes, I was so disappointed being alive..

    I tried to end my life and studied about commiting suicide.. I always think to throw myself into a train everytime I go to a platform.

    I shouldn't say this but I was so envy of Mr Heath Ledger that he died like a sleeping..

    A person/people who made my life like a hell has been having wonderful and blessed life.

    I was born to commit suicide that is why my life never get happiness.

    I don't know why I am still alive. I have two options; 1, continue to live but going to insane. 2, end my life and be freed from this devastated and depressed life..

    I know which option I will take.. (2)

    I would like to know throwing myself in a river will work to end my hell life. Because I read a post in this board and I knew hunging will take a long time to finish one's life. Throwing myself into a train or jumping off from the building is a not good idea for me. So drawning is the best method, I guess.
    O/D seems not garanteed to finish everything...
  2. Gunner12

    Gunner12 Well-Known Member

    Take option 3,

    Pull through with your sanity intact.

    I know it will be hard, but it will be so much better then the other two options. It will need support from others and the will to continue with life.

    Drowing is a pretty slow and agonizing death.

    Remember of all the good times you've had? Guess what, there will be more to come:smile:!

  3. Kimi

    Kimi Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much for your reply. I tried option 3 in the past. But I have got so tired even being OK.. The person who shuttered whole my life has been receiving wonderful like a heaven. My rest of life is mentally tortured and depressed. I am mentally disabled now... I don't want to have this unfair life anymore.. I must finish everything.. I don't want to be so miserable anymore...
  4. Gunner12

    Gunner12 Well-Known Member

    Is there any possibility you can move away form this person?
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