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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by DepressedFemale, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. i don't self harm as such... well you could call it that.

    there was once when i was so angry and frustrated with myself that i scratched my arm deeply several time with the point of a screwdriver... but thats just the frustration coming out.

    whenever i feel angry like i cant control it, i go for my face. i have long nails and a scratch my face and body over and over again until all my frustration is gone. i have a little sister that i want to be a good role model for. i cant scream and shout and hit something soft like a pillow, i wont be satisfied.

    when people cut themselves with blades on wrists and such, do they feel angry and frustrated and do it quickly or do they do it slowly, like they really want to die? (im talking about self harmers, not potential suiciders.) because i dont know if what im feeling is normal. i do it really quickly just to let my frustrations out.

  2. Nevermore

    Nevermore Active Member

    Depends. For me, every cut is different.
    Usually, when I am frustrated/depressed I go somewhat fast. The few times Ive done it while suicidal it has been slow.

    I say this only to satisfy you're curiosity. You should never even think of starting something like this. Its a terrible habit with repercussions that outweigh any possible positive effects.
    Try to find a better way to vent your emotions like listing to music, art, or just screaming when no one is around. Poor habits lead to worse..

    Feel free to PM me or one of the forum leaders
  3. kindtosnails

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    Agreed. it depends on the person, and even one person can SI in deifferent ways in different situations..i know i do. I don't think what you're describing is uncommon, but there is no real normal. and besides SI isnt a "normal" coping least it shouldnt be. And just to point out, SI isnt about being suicidal. and even people who SI on their wrist dont neccessarily want to kill themselves..just thought it was worth mentioning.

    And I agree, try to find safer strategies before it gets out of hand. You don't want to go there. Take care.
  4. Always Alone

    Always Alone Guest

    I don’t know what is normal for others, but I normally push the blade against my skin, and push my arm back in to the blade, then I slide it slowly across my arm, keeping the pressure the same. The pressure varies depending on how long I’ve been cutting, and how I’m feeling. It tends to be deepest in the middle of my session.

    If I’m feeling really bad, I tend to make quicker cuts, I get the pressure, but then rip the blade across. This calms me down very well, and after a few, I can start to slow down again.

    There are much better ways to let out what your feeling. I recommend reading these stickys:
  5. Thanks for everyones reply. Yes it was just curiosity when I asked the speed at which people SI'd.

    I really don't know any other way in which do let out my anger, I play the drums... But they're not set up in the garage - theres no room - and the neighbours will complain. I like karate, but the punchbag isn't set up. Scratching my face/body is the only thing that I've done that has truly calmed me down in a heavy situation.

    Thank you everyone, for your help. It's good to know some people still care x
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