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cant cope anymore

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i cant do this. i cant do this life anymore. everything i do and say is wrong. i just wish i could do sumthing. put a full stop on it.

this year is shit. ive lost so much. people have died. its all i wana do. last night i stood outside for 3 hours taking pics of the eclipse. just stared up at the moon and the stars and wanted to be up there. im sure he was there - looking down.

4 people died this year! 4! 4 people in 2 months. thats like one every fortnight.

ive being convinced that i was abused. it was hidden away. i never thought about it n it didnt ever bother me but now its all i think of. i dont want to think about it - i dont even know if it happened.

i just wana end everything. want to be gone. i cant cope n e more. i know what i am - ive bin told enough - im selfish, dont deserve a voice, dont deserve an opinion or to have feelings. i deserve nothing. i know it - its about time i did what everyone seems to want and just leave. i dont deserve to live anymore. im so alone - nothing left.

im sorry


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Im so sorry your in so much pain, and that you feel so alone....please know we're here for you....if you wanna talk just let us know....what ever you think we can do to help...we'll surely try and do....I am so terribly sorry for all the loss you have had to suffer throguh....do you have a therapist?....sometimes it can be helpfull to have someone to talk to about your feelings when your grieving.....please take good care and stay safe....here for you..


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You are not selfish clare, no way. Look at all of that stuff you said about your grandmother! that is not a selfish person at all.. Everyone deserves a voice and feeling, you are no worse than anyone else in this world. don't let yourself believe that.

No one wants you dead clare, no one wants you to be gone.. If you think that you need to start living for yourself and not for other people. You are you, and you are the only one that can change that. But only change for yourself. be you.
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