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Can't cope

I'm so lost in what to do anymore. I'm at a place where I could make it all end. Make all the pain stop. Nothing seems to get any better and I just don't e another way out of this anymore.


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Hey there, sorry you're feeling this way. Would it help to chat about what's been happening?


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we are all here to help, we all care about you, I know what I say probably won't help, but you're not alone. i know you've probably heard that a million times but there are people in this world that get the same feeling. And I always think it's stupid to say I'm not alone because no one thinks and feels exactly like me, no one has the exact same thoughts, so yes I am alone. But I like many others hurt and feel similar to how you feel and we get how hard it is. it's hard to give advice to people who are in the same position as you, but I care about you, take it one day at a time - one hour if you need to. We are all here if you want to talk more
I'm just so tired of constantly fighting. Tired of always having some sort of battle. And. Alot of people are strong enough to get past this but I'm not. Not anymore. And surprisingly I haven't gone to the place I thought I would to end it. I always had a plan of OD but for some reason I've ended up in this place now. Completely off for what I wanted to do but it will 10000% work.

I just need to get myself out of the car and I can't seem to do that. I don't understand how I just want to finish it all, make all the pain go away and yet not be able to make the 2 steps to finish it.

What is wrong with me 😣


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i get it, i know how i would do it, it's right there in front of me but I can't make myself do that final bit, the bit where all the pain goes away for good. i don't really have advice to be honest because I'm in the same boat, but try and distract yourself, like going to get some food or blast music really loud, anything to try and get between you and that method, I'm always here if you want to talk


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I'm so sorry. I felt like that earlier today. Irs so all-encompassing. I wish I could help anyone who feels like that and make them understand that it will be ok but it's really hard, I know.

I can say I sympathize!
Well someone saw me and called in the police thismorning. Sat with them for hours whilst we spoke and we decided they were gunna just drop me home which I'm greatful for. I guess I need to work out a plan of how to move forward, how to try and better myself because the things I'm doing aren't helping me.


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I'm glad that a person saw you and that the police talked to you and got you somewhere safe. Is there a possible tighter safety net you have? A friend, relative, employer or other (just guessing) who can check on you at intervals? That's a big thing. Being able to answer them and say either "I'm safe" or "I'm not safe" with knowledge of what to do and how to check on you would be a step that's a life preserver.


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I'm glad you got back home ok, try making a safety plan or if there is someone you can talk to? that way if you need help you can ring them no matter what time and that way you have a better safety net? I hope you're feeling a bit better

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