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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by alisonishopeless, Mar 27, 2014.

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  1. I just want it to be over...It seems as there is no hope of recovering. I desperately need a job, and now the company I hoped would hire me has a hiring freeze for two weeks. Rent is due next week. I have no way to get it to him. I cant live like this anymore. I think tonight will be the night. I am going to the store and buying as many sleeping pills as I can with the little money I have left. I cant believe that it is going to end this way, but I have no one to help, no one to turn too. I cant stand the constant worry and the constant feeling of dread.
    If I had a gun I would have already ended it.
    Thank you for listening
  2. me84

    me84 Active Member

    I know how much it hurts and you want the pain and anxiety to stop. Its so hard but what we truly want to stop is pain not out lives. There is a reason you can't believe it will endthis way, it is because it is not susupposed to. Sometimes we hitba brick wall just to realize we are just as strong as the wall trying to hold us back. I know you don't know me but I am here and we can work together to find a solution to any problem you may face. I live with a feeling of dread but one thing to remember is the person who feels like they have nothing to lose ALWAYS has the most to gain. There are always more companies. I have learned that any job is respectful even if its minimum wage to get by and there is so much respect deserved to those who will do the most difficult things to get it.
  3. I don't see any solution...I have been filing 5 applications a day...walking up on end of town and back for three weeks...nothing...I don't have a car because my fiance was killed in a car accident with our car...I am alone...jobless..and have no money...I have applied just about everywhere....there is nothing else I can do
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    Don't give up just yet! Help is sure to be on the way from some source... Heck, if you lived near me, I'd gladly let you crash on my couch until you got back on your feet (but then again--you'd have to stay with me & surely that would be a 'deal-breaker'). : ) My point is this: keep looking; keep asking; keep trying. Some time soon, you will indeed catch a break! Keep up hope. No matter how hard it seems... You have already demonstrated profound Heart. Best Wishes, mrbg.
  5. Thats so nice if u mrb...i wish I could talk to u! A friend came over tonight, he knew I was on the edge...i dont know how he knew, I would never say it out for tonight I am saved...tomorrow back to the job hunt...god willing, I will find a job
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