Cant do nothing right

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  1. White Dove

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    God , i cant do nothing right...

    i am such a pathic person.. i am useless and unloved by everyone i meet.. then those that do come into my life i end up driving them away... Why do i do it?

    Why do you continue to let me suffer this way?

    I done drove others here away from me and dont know how i did it? maybe i am a stupid person...

    i dont deserve anything.. i dont deserve friends at all..

    Heck they are right i am sitting here walling in my stupid self.. in my stupid pity , no wonder no one can love me or even be friends with me...

    God i cant do nothing right..

    the tears wont stop.. the pain wont stop... god i hate myself.. i hate my life.. i hate my stupid pain, emotions.

    heck i think even i made a stupid mistake by posting those movies. didnt i? i should have left everything alone. i should have never came here at all... i am just a stupid person.. i just need to get it through my head that i am nobody. that i will never be nobody...

    all i ever is seen as is a person who is stupid. who is nobody. who is walling in her own self pity.. who is so dumb and has nobody. that is all i am is a complete waste of nothing..

    Why? why the pain? why the hurt? why let it get me down all the time? God i cant do anything at all right.. i cant even make friends anymore without screwing it up somehow ...

    i cant take it. i just cant.

    im sorry. God i am so sorry for hurting others. for hurting those here. for posting those movies. for talking . for telling my pain ,my fears , the truth of my life. i am a waste of nothing.

    I dont want it anymore. i dont want this life anymore...
  2. Esmeralda

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    You are a great person, and you deserve to wallow a little...but you should also try to see what good you can make of your situation...what can you do to reach out to your loved ones? What can you do to be more spiritual, more hopeful? You seem like a wonderful person whom anyone would be lucky to know and love. Try to concern yourself with the things you CAN control, like trying to reconcile with your family, or doing something you always wanted to do, or renewing your faith in God by trying another church. There is so much you can do.