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cant do this

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this is just too much for me. i cant do this anymore. too much to endure. i dont see my therapist till tues. i cant make it that far. i dont want to.
I hope that you can make through till Tuesday and see your therapist.

I think that you mentioned your kids and wanting to stay alive for them, maybe that can motivate you.

Crisis line? Try acupuncture?

Has anyone talked to you about rTMS or ect?

I hope that you can make it through this and get better and be with your kids.

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Hi..is there an emergency number you can call to talk to your therapist? If not, please go to an Emergency room and seek help...tell them as much or little as you want, but make sure they know that you feel unstable...and please continue to post and let us be there to support you...J


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i dont want to bother anyone. i cant even tell my husband. im embarrased.
and i cant go back to the hospital. i dont know what to do? where i can turn and i soun like a broken record but my symptoms are at their worst. and i feel trapped.
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