Can't express feelings - anyone with the same problem?

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    It all started when I was 4, at least that's when I remember it to start. During one of the quarells I decided that I can't show my parents that I was crying - not that I wasn't able to - I just didn't want. I thought that in this way I would have 'satisfied' them by showing that they did hurt me or somehow influence my behaviour - that I was really sorry or sth
    And since then I am literally unable to cry in front of my parents, even if I want to, even if the situation is extremely sad, I have to leave the house to cry on my own. And as I am going to live on my own quite soon, it might have been not such as big problem - only if it was restricted just to the family circle.
    I found out that I can't talk with my best friends about my feelings, not to mention the ones I love. I can't talk to them on the night when I'm depressed - I tell them a week after.
    Ok, I didn't talk to a therapist about that. Maybe I should, but my experience with psychologists is... well, it sucks. But I would really like to know whether there is someone having the same problem? Because I'm afraid it is not just baing an introvert - because know I WANT to express my feelings openly and I am UNABLE to.

    Anyway - thanks If you managed to read it. I know the story might sound 'boring' compared to some other more horrible and moving ones but still.
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    i have the same problem sort of... but with me, it's just with adults...
    i can't express my feelings to adults in real life @ the time im feeling them, when the feelings are gone, i can...
    maybe you're too afraid they'll give you a negative reaction like you're overreacting or something...
    could it be a trust issue?

    and it doesn't sound boring at all =)
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    I can relate to this & sometimes I wish someone could give me an answer.

    I am fine communicating with people unless the topic is me. I have friends here & I wish I could open up to them but it's like there is a barrier that's stopping me & I don't know how to get rid of that.

    Wish I had a better reply for you, just wanted to let you know that you're not alone.