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Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by cassandra, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. cassandra

    cassandra Anitiquities Friend

    I moved because the neighbors were so loud at the last guy actually set up a woodworking shop in the common area beneath my bedroom with power tools. The lack of sleep and constant anxiety were wearing me down and increasing my chronic pain. Anyway, this place was supposed to be quiet. Since I'm disabled my family helped with the move and even bought me a new couch which hasn't been delivered yet. My old one was almost as old as I am. My family has problems but I love them and vice-versa. It was more quiet for 3 weeks.

    Then my cat, who is the only one I have in RL who is always there for me, gets freaked out and has been waking up the guy upstairs when she comes to bed in the middle of the night. It was about the same time his ex-wife came to stay. Last night he started storming around when she mewed once, and this morning he started storming around at 7:15, which is hours before we get up. I tried turning up the air filter and then tried turning on the dvd that is medieval church music meant to muffle ambient noise to help me sleep, and that didn't work. I finally got up, cursing, and that set his ex-wife off. I had no idea they'd be able to hear what I said...

    Anyway, my oldest RL 'friend' suggested [after I asked her to stop telling me what to do with all my medical care last year] that I 'divorce' my family. Her last suggestion was that I buy a house instead of rent a fairly low-cost apartment with my disability check, so she's obviously out of touch with how it is to be in this financial state, although she considers herself poor. She's never around except to tell people what to do. She's the same with other people, always has to be in control and gets angry if people don't, quote, 'do what tell them'.

    I have a great therapist and talked to her last night, but I'm can't do this much longer keep wondering if I'm dead before the damned couch is delivered if they'd refund the money. It's a stupid thing to worry about but I can't do this any more and I can't find a place that feels safe.

    TIA for any help.
  2. Erebos

    Erebos Well-Known Member

    How about earplugs?
  3. cassandra

    cassandra Anitiquities Friend

    Thank you very much for replying, Erebos... I left an apology on the neighbor's door, and now she usually just stomps during waking hours, and they're gone weekend days. Last night the ex-wife was stomping around 4 am but I put in earplugs. I have them, they're just uncomfortable. The cat has calmed down, so I'm not as worried she'll be reported as a nuisance. I talked to the manager of the complex who suggested I file a complaint about the noise but since they are divorced, I figure some noise is inevitable and thought I'd see how it played out. I'd like to get along with everyone here but not get to know them, if that makes sense.

    Two days after I posted the original my car got hit in traffic and totaled [since it's a '92 Tercel, it didn't take much to total it] but it's still drivable. The guy who hit me was really nice about it. We didn't turn in the insurance claims because I can't afford a new car and he didn't want the bother.

    I'm really nervous/frightened lately but see my Dr. tomorrow and hopefully he can help.
    Thanks again.
  4. Erebos

    Erebos Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I do know what it's like to have to wear earplugs, especially living beside someone who a) doesn't sleep and b) loves bass in her music-bass that will travel through any wall, obstable, or obstruction to reach my ears. Earplugs just force me to listen to the noise of my own heartbeat. I hope you get through with the authorities about the noise problem. It's fine to want to get along, but not at the price of your own fundamental needs. And I certainly hope you weren't injured. Take care.
  5. cassandra

    cassandra Anitiquities Friend

    I was lucky, it was a low-speed fender bender, and the guy who hit me gave me something for damage to the car later in the week.

    It seems like the ex-wife from upstairs might have gone home [knock on wood]. I'm sorry you're in a similar situation...are you in a place where there are noise ordinances that are enforced? I guess you've tried that avenue. My doctor said yesterday that as a young adult he had an overly loud stereo and a neighbor left a note on the door suggesting pads under the speakers. It didn't sound like a great solution to me [and your neighbor doesn't sound like she cares] but it might help. :unsure:

    Thank you for your understanding and I hope your situation gets better. Oh, and you may be in a different time zone but if you were up when I think you were you have my deepest sympathy.

    Take care-
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