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Cant get better

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is it wrong to say i like it? and i dont really want to change?

I was getting better but its like life isnt letting me. Ive tried but i end up getting to scared to commit to getting better. Its like telling everyone that i couldnt even handle it. Ive lost friends over it and over the self harm but thats life i guess...
Also doesnt help that im hopeless at relationships and cant even seem to hold onto anything, or the other person just either uses me or leaves me.

Just venting i guess.


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Changing happens sometimes so slow we dont see until we look back long time after we actually started feeling better. Dont get discouraged by the setbacks, just keep making one little step in the right direction every day. As you change, you will meet new people, build new relationships very different than your previous, and much better in every way. Wish you well.
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