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can't get close to people

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I am posting this at about 3:30 am because I can't sleep. I am at college right now and it is going horribly. :sad: I can't make friends with people. I don't know why. Whenever I am around people its like I just have no idea what to say. I hardly say anything. It's like my mouth feels like it is sealed shut. Now I am addicted to my ipod which I just got and that is the only highlight in my life, listening to my ipod! I also can't get motivated to do schoolwork. I have to watch fight club because I plan on writing a paper on it. That is not what is really upsetting me but when I first watched it, I thought it was such a brillant, meaningful movie. I still think it is good but now it just seems like it is depressing me further. There is hardly anything good that happens in that movie. Basically, it is about someone's life steadily going downhill. I can sympathize with some of the people in the movie too. That's about it. I should at least attempt sleep.
I hear ya when you say it's hard to talk to people. I have the same problem. Nothing comes out right either if by some freak chance there is the boldness. I have two kids in school, but one of them really has a difficult time making and keeping friends. I will share with you that I share with him. Don't give up. You will find someone who can meet you where you are. When you find that friend hold on and cherish it. My son started a new school this year and this is making a big difference for him. So I just want to encourage you to try to just hang in there. Try to just say hi if someone says it to you. It will all work out. There is someone out there. Just hang in there.
I know exactly how ya feel. I'm horribly shy, and have trouble meeting people. When I fist arrived in college, I couldn't make any friends. I was basically socially deprived for the first few months.
After my girlfriend (whom went to a different college) broke up with me, I felt incredibly alone.

But then I remember one evening I said a prayer before going to the dining hall for diner. I was going to try sitting next to some random person in hopes to finally make a friend. The person I did this to is now one of my best friends, and ironically ended up introducing me to many more good friends.

Sometimes it's just good to throw yourself out there like that. You might not meet a winner the first time around, but in time you'll start to build up some friends. You should try doing something like that.

BTW, Fight club is a pretty good movie, although your right about it being depressing.

Let me know if ya ever wanna talk man.
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