can't get taking pills and cutting out of my head..

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by katblack77, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. katblack77

    katblack77 Active Member

    I overdosed in March and then began cutting my arms and wrists in July/August. Rang the on call dr and they got a CPN to speak to be. Thought he was rude as he asked me if I wanted to kill myself why haven't I suceeded. I told him I was afraid that it would go wrong and I would end up like a vegtable or something. I asked to be admitted to the mental health ward as i felt i wasn't safe. He eventully allowed me to do so.

    When I was there the psy told me to come off every drug i was on (anti d's, beta blockers) in one go. The side effects where awful. He recommended that I needed to eat better and excersie. He did refer me to a mental health nurse but i kept missing appt bec i didn't want to take anymore time off work.

    Have moved to London for work and left behind family and friends. Have dept problems and just can't stop looking at the stash of pills and razors i have, I know in my heart that it is a temp problem but the pain in unbearable.

    Has anyone used the NHS direct line before, as I haven't reg with a dr in England yet?
  2. ~Tosh~

    ~Tosh~ Forum Buddy

    hi hun, you must not let temptation lead you astray.. we are all here for you. i havent used the nhs direct for cutting etc but for other reasons and they were helpful. but i used the samaritans, also you could try these numbers:

    Samaritans - 08457 909090 / Text Number - 07725909090 (24 hrs)
    NHS Direct - 0845 4647 (24 hrs)
    National Debt Helpline - 0808 084000
    Cruse Bereavement Care - 0870 1671677
    Farmers in Difficulty - Call Farm Crisis Network - 07002 326326
    Worried someone is having thoughts of Suicide - Call PAPYRUS HOPEline - 0870 1704000

    hope they help...

  3. Mainax

    Mainax Active Member

    Best summed up feelings i have of suicide i have seen written
  4. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    Hello katblack,
    Do you have a best friend you can talk with? It helps to get it out there where people can help you. I didn't see you say you have a therapist? You might want to find one. They usually work on a sliding payscale so people can afford to see them.
    My personal opinion a therapist can really help. They delve deep into your problems and expose them so you can work on defeating them so they aren't overwhelming you. They can teach you coping skills to help you fight those thoughts. You might want to flush the pills and throw away the razors. Out of site out of mind!
    Three of the skills I use are:
    1) Visualization- Thinking of yourself somewhere peacefull and beautiful.
    2) Positive self talk- When a negative thought sticks with you, use positive thoughts to help disgard them.
    3)Controlled breathing- I find if you use #1 and #3 togethor it really relaxes you.
    I hope you find the support you need! And of course we are always here for you. Please keep posting and we will answer you and offer advice! Take Care!!~Joseph~
  5. katblack77

    katblack77 Active Member

    Thanks guys for your help:grouphug:! Well I rang the nhs direct and they advised me to go to a medical walk in centre near by, and they were brilliant. She wanted to admit me but as i'm just in a new job i said no (silly i know). The Dr told me that they have plenty of help available and that I need to get reg with a gp asap. The waiting list in northern ireland for CBT is over a year long. Where in london she said i would be seen much quicker. And I never got round to seeing my CPN, which I will make a point of doing.

    I think having to move over to london so quickley has set me back but i'm not going to go down that road again. I thought running away from my problems and a change of location would do the trick, but there seems to be no hiding from my mental health issues.
  6. famous.last.words

    famous.last.words Forum Buddy

    Dear Kat,

    Sorry i missed your original thread, though i am pleased to hear your feeling better. I really admire your courage to speak out and ask for help. I really hope things continue getting better for you, but if you ever want to talk, please PM me :hug:
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