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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by GirlUnknown, Aug 12, 2013.

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  1. GirlUnknown

    GirlUnknown Member

    So today my mother gave me a month to find a job and when I was looking before I got no call backs I feel like I don't have any support I just wanna give up I feel like I have no support. I can't go on in a month if I have no job I will have to go to a shelter and I'll have no contact with friends I made online and I have like no real life friends. I don't know what to do
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Every job you apply for you make a list and show it to your mother i don't think she will be so judgemental then she just wants you to keep trying hun ok the more application you get out the more chance you will get a call back
  3. GirlUnknown

    GirlUnknown Member

    She basically could care less if I dont have one by her dead line Im out of the house
  4. Amthorn

    Amthorn Member

    There are many people who will give a female a place to stay, people are definitely more willing to help out women than men.
  5. darkdays

    darkdays Active Member

    Have you thought about college? What you are going through is harsh. Maybe your mother is afraid you aren't doing anything with your life and maybe this is her unrealistic way of pushing you out of the nest so you can fly. Or maybe she's just a bitch! As for use of a computer, if you live near a library, they usually have computers that people can use. You're facing a big change and change can be scary, but it can also usher in wonderful things. Hope you do o.k. Let us know, if you can.
  6. meaningless-vessel

    meaningless-vessel Well-Known Member

    My opinion is this - if you do absolutely everything you can to find work, then your mum will have no way to counteract your efforts if you don't get a job. Whether it's online, asking in stores, even asking people around you - there's often ways to try. Many parents use that tactic in order to get more sense of effort from their children. I relate to being told - it's been used on me before - but I reacted differently - instead of moaning about it - I got on with what I needed to do (ok - at the time, I went 3 months without working - I eventually got somewhere).

    That said - whilst looking you could research the shelter possibilities too. Are you able to claim any form of benefits?

    I agree with darkdays about the college aspect. It could be a way of furthering your education - as from this there is a consideration that education helps.

    Harsh? Possisbly/possibly not. Have you been honest with your mum about why you struggle? Maybe she's struggling to accept that you are the way you are? (Some parents don't find it easy - they put a front on themselves because they hurt when their kids hurt - not accepting it is just one of those ways they avoid feeling guilty for not being able to help)
  7. BlackUnderground

    BlackUnderground Banned Member

    Tell her that finding a job it's not that easy, likes it or not, and you should focus about study, no idea about you, but if you do have really financial issues, then you should find something, where i live those who keep a job are those who smiles, it sound ridicule but it's what they want, doens't matter what job you need, just smile they will give you the job with more chances, don't worry, most of the poeples fake it anyway. Bye.
  8. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that you are under this pressure. Please keep talking to us, we may be able to help!

    Your mom could be bluffing, but even if she is not, there may be ways that you can get through this.

    Do you want to say what country/state that you live in? I know that the UK has a women's aid group that can help with things like this, and there may be similar programs in other countries.

    Aid programs could help you find work, a place to stay, and perhaps also meditate a discussion between you and your mom.

    Do you want to say how old you are? If you are under 18, she will likely have a legal obligation to let you stay. If you right at 18, you might still be able to use youth programs.

    Do you have any relatives that you trust that might be able to take you in if necessary? It might be good to try to set something up like that just in case.

    You could try a temp agency. It sound like if you just have some kind of work, your mom will let you stay. Hopefully if you have a part time or temporary job, she won't put pressure on you.

    You could apply for disability benefits if you are eligible. There may be also welfare, food stamps, or housing assistance available to you. Often there are government employment offices, they may be able to help you too.

    Could any of your online friends offer a place for you to stay?

    There's more that I can say, but that's a good start. This is a bit of a crisis, but I bet there is a way for things to work out ok. Hope to hear from you soon and hope that everything gets better soon!
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