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Can't it just end?

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I don't even think I can do it anymore. I'm realizing that I honestly have NOBODY who loves me, nobody who even gives a shit about me. I just want to dig my own grave and lay in it and die. And then I'd watch all of my "friends" and family look over me with sorry faces. Only to forget me a few weeks later.
I just wish someone would kill me, maybe that would look better. Maybe I wouldn't look so fucking selfish. I mean, why would I throw all of this away? I have a great life. My friends love me. My parents completely and totally understand me. School is amazing.

God, I wish.

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Hi hun i know life can be hard it really can but you do have people that care Sometimes parents just don't show it as they should but they care for you and would be devastated if anything happen to you. They definetly would not forget or forgive themselves. You will make friends here and you can talk to all of us and we will help you okay You are not alone okay Can you write on a piece of paper how you are feeling and maybe give it to your mom or leave it where your parents will find it so they become aware of how sad you really are.

Also talk to councillors at your school okay they are great at listening and helping hugs to you:hugtackles::hugtackles::hugtackles:
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