Cant Make The Hurt Stop

Discussion in 'Help Me! I Need to Talk to Someone.' started by Anam_Cara, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Anam_Cara

    Anam_Cara Well-Known Member

    I can't make the hurt stop... no matter what i do... im a stupid pathetic fool for ever believing the one i love could love me back the same way... i wake up every day thinking today will be a little easier, that the hurt will be a little less, but it's not, and it isnt... i can pretend to the world that it doesnt hurt, hide the pain with smiles around my family.. but at night behind the bedroom door when no one can see me, the mask comes off and i cry myself to sleep... i wish i wasnt so alone... i wish love didnt hurt as deeply as it does... i wish i was good enough for the one i love... and not invisible... i dont know how to make it stop hurting...
  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    I'm really sorry you're in so much pain. What happened?

    :hug: Here if you want to talk.
  3. bubblin girl

    bubblin girl Well-Known Member

    im so sorry to hear that....I lived before few years a love from oneside...and its the most painful thing in the crying right now cos i remmbered myself...its still hurt...and no time will deleted...
    yeah i always wear the smily mask in front of people...and cry in the dark in the middle of the night cos this pain...
    The only way to fergot this person is to fall in love again...and the only heart will decide when will be all you can do now is to take your time of craveness, depression & crying...and let your heart open....tell you feel good & your heart start beating again to meet your soulmate.
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