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Can't make this stuff up.

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I just spent week in the hospital praying that the petition for commitment failed. Got out today, commitment process dismissed and stopped. So I get to go home. I am riding in my friends truck while he works and he stops at a customers house. While I wait in the truck, free almost three hours now, and I get a tremendous chest pain. I was going to call my doc about meds when I got so bad I could not breathe. So when I get a breath I call 911, tell them I need info. When she asked what I needed I asked her what a heart attack feels like. She did not know. So she transfers me to gold cross ambulance who asks all the info. I tell them I do not want an ambulance, just info. I have to go in to get paperwork so I can tell them where i am. They asked the homeowners name so I tell them. Did not realize I gave them the wrong name. More later but all this takes place before 12:30 pm today. I am tired and need sleep.
It sounds like things have been tough for you lately, which I am sorry to hear. I hope the sleep helps you feel a bit better, and your chest pain has eased. I also hope thins get sorted and starts looking more positive for you. Here if you need to talk :arms:


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Hi Broken Tree...of course you are tired and I am glad you are OK...please keep posting and letting us know how things are going...big hugs, J


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Hope your OK. Sounds like you have had a pretty rough time lately. :( We are all here for you. Keep posting and keep us updated. Take care and hope you feel better. :hug:
Any way, so I am on the phone with the dispatcher forever trying to get my friend to leave so the ambulance does not come to the customers house. Then we hear sirens. Everyone from the area, police, fire, ambulance, and !st responders in personal cars. Turns out the name I gave them was my next customer, a volunteer firefighter, who has had a previous heart attack, and was friends with everyone in the emergency field. It was not a heart attack, probably a spasm in my diaphragm or something I guess. So we get to the next guys house and he starts telling us how his day has gone and how his phone suddenly "blew up" with calls trying to find out if he was ok. Had to tell him it was me and we had a pretty good chuckle over how it played out.


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Its good to know that you had a chuckle over it. And i do hope your chrst pain has easedup. Get lots of rest and relax. Do things that you enjoy that make you feel safe and happy. And keep us informed about how you are doing.big hugs!
trying to get insurance b4 rushing to the hospital. I racked up almost 40 thousand dollars in med bills in 3 weeks trying to kill myself over and over again. I think I should be fine for now. TY
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