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cant reach out

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ive isolated myself so much that i couldm't even tell my therapist i needed help. he was asking me questions but i could feel myself being very guarded. i never use to be like this. but becsuse of fear i cant open up. i dont want to be admitted and i know when i fully tell them thats what they will do. im in between new meds. they aare hopeful that they will work but i dont know how long i can hold on.
I really hope the new meds will kick in soon and work for you. When do you next have your therapist? Can you write down what you want to say and give it to him? I understand how hard it is to open up, but they can not try and help you and give the full support you need until they know the full story. I am sorry things are unbearable for you at the moment. Hospitalization really is a last resort, I'm sure they will try and put other safety measures in check before they resort to that. Also, when it comes to life and death, isn't making sure you are completely safe the most important thing? They can provide you with the support you need, and that should help improve things for you. Take care


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Unless you tell your therapist, "I'm going to kill myself after I leave this office", you will not be forcibly admitted to a hospital. It's really that simple.

Now, if you're suffering from suicidal feelings, that's okay to talk about. You can say that without needing to worry about being committed.
i talk to my therapist and psychiatrist all the time about feeling suicidal. it's okay, they help me figure out if i can handle it and when i need the extra help. like the other poster said, unless you tell them you are about to act on it, like imminently, they won't admit you. maybe you could see your therapist more frequently, like twice a week instead of once a week. anything to get you through this...
I know exactly how you feel. I have spent a lot of time with school counselors, so I know what it's like to be guarded with a counselor. I

But once I met a real counselor, I found that all the things i couldn't share before had to be let out. Once I told someone, ANYONE, about those things, I felt better. And your therapist can help you so much more than just listening, although that is an important part. I'm rooting for you, friend.
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