can't remember being happy for more than a week

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Evrythngphkd, Sep 18, 2012.

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  1. Evrythngphkd

    Evrythngphkd New Member

    for years, surely life is not meant to be this hard. Are other people happy or do they just pretend and lie to themselves that they are.
    I ma not happy fact. What do you do when getting depressed and thinking about suicide becomes 'the same old'. Even when i post on forums now about depression it feels like the same old and I cannot be bothered posting. In reality it seems like there is only one thing left. I do not feel like I want to at the moment , but it is the truth, there is only one thing left , also there is nothing really stopping me. Or i could carry on the pursuit of happiness, but that has been going for years and i am still not happy , why bother , why try, life sucks, who would want to live , somehow i feel if everyone was truly honest with themselves they would agree life sucks , but i guess my perception is warped by depression or whatever

    fact i will never go to the doctors

    basically there is nowhere left to turn, it is going to be one of the two conclusions, My life is going to suck for another one and a half years at least, while i am pretending i am happy

    i am not happy

    i am not ok

    but not me or anyone else can really do anything about it

    life is shit , why is it so shit?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Your life does not have to be so low but your choices are preventing you from feeling better. You chose not to reach out and get help Everyone needs help now and then and if you chose not to take it then you chose to stay so very unhappy. The choices have to be good ones hun for you to heal.
    The future noone can say what will happen You may meets up with someone you do trust you do care about
    Don't waste anymore time not doing anything ok YOU reach out and get help for YOU be in from a councillor a teacher a church person who has training in councilling but someone hugs
  3. Evrythngphkd

    Evrythngphkd New Member

    getting help just isn't in me, it just is not me
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