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    You know, as I sit here in this small, one bedroom apartment, my cat sleeping on my leg and the sad songs playing, i think to myself...where am I? Lately, i've been smoking more and more pot and my short term memory has gone to shit!! I'm trying to train more @ work and it hasn't been working to well, well i've been absorbing and such, but grrrr :mad: I know that i've put myself in this position, but I just wish that it was that easy to stop. I called my mom the other day and I was on the phone with her for 5 min, then thought to myself...when did i call you? I don't feel like myself anymore, but what i'm am i doing sitting here letting it all out? i don't know why I do this anymore, i really don't. bah, i'm outta here
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    From experience, I think that pot can mess with your mind in more ways than some hard drugs in a sense. Tell me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're doing alright at work, but you're not comprehending or accomplishing things in the way you would be if you were sober more of the time. Also, you seem to be distancing yourself from your natural emotions. Maybe meditating or doing yoga could help you pull away from your confusion and drift back into a more stable mindset. I like chatting with you, and I really wish you the best. PM me anytime.