cant seem to do anything right

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  1. lozzie

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    I don't know whether im just incapable of doing anything right or everytime i admit to some of my friends that i relapse they get mad at me its been a whole year since ive been in a bad way i understand it happens but to be honest I chose to be forward and admit that i relapsed but I dont think it gives them any right to be horrible to me :( if so i should go kill myself cause im sick of doing so well and then getting punished for it. i get bad anxiety and then i get the worst suicidal thoughts :(

  2. Wastingecho

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    better person than me - i couldn't admit my that to my family or co-workers - don't really have friends as such

    sounds more to me like they're scared and don't know how or want to deal with it
  3. Theodora

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    I agree with last bit.
    Plus I've never admitted how I feel to anyone I know.
  4. total eclipse

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    No one has right to judge you hun we all make mistakes slip up but then we learn from mistakes and move forward again hugs
  5. Witty_Sarcasm

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    Seems like I always screw up too...people seem to hate me no matter what I do or say. But if people make you feel that way, you are better off without them in your life. You deserve lots of support, not to be shot down.