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can't shake these thoughts

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Why can't I shake these thoughts and urges.....They are getting worse and worse. I haven't slept in 6 nights now. i just want things to get better. I hate feeling this way.


everything seems much worse when you haven't slept. that's what happened to me last time i attempted. i kind of lost touch with reality on day 4 of no sleep. i don't want that for you.

can you go and see your doctor in the morning? maybe get a few sleeping pills (not too many now) to help you get back in the hang of sleeping.

i know what you mean about having a mental illness really sucking. what is your diagnosis?
It's okay to feel a little depressed sometimes, but when it's too much, I guess you really need a big amount of help. Yeah, why don't take some sleeping pills and get counseling as soon as possible. It could probably help you get a better perspective of your life. Please keep in touch. We need you to tell us what's happening and what's been bothering you.



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I follow what you're saying it's damn blooming horrible feeling so depressed and suicidal always.Do you see anyone for your depression and how you're feeling?


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i wish i was seeing someone, i have been on a list to see a psyc doc now for over a year and a half. And they haven't gotten back to me yet. The other thing is they haven't properly diagnosed me so when they were giving me meds they were just taking shots in the dark.

And with the sleeping pills, for one thing i don't like them in my house and second of all they have the opposite effect on me. I take things to try and help me sleep and they just end up keeping me awake.

And it's now going on night number 9 and i still feel like crap, and i am still majorly depressed and still suicidal


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I totally feel your pain hun.
You really need to go dr and see if they have any other options for help.
I went psychotic after day 10 of sleeplessness. I don't remember it but was told about it when i woke up from sleep after apparently 15 days.
You really don't want to wake up to find yourself in psych ward.
Action is needed hun.
hugs x


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We have such a lack of doctors here its not funny. And when I go to emerg to talk to crisis and the doc on call they are all afraid to do anything for me and or to prescribe me anything.

I wish I could get the help I need, but unfortunately its a waiting game here and that isn't good for someone with mental illness. It's playing Russian roulette

I hate feeling like this
I hate it I hate it I hate it
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