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Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by mandyj101, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. mandyj101

    mandyj101 Well-Known Member

    hi all..
    this will probably sound strange..
    iv been trying 2 figure out exacly why i cant sleep.. i always get fidgety and 'bothered' when i try 2 sleep.. i can be really tied but i will just keep waking up every 10 mins.. or every hour.. i seem 2 always be really aware of my dreams.. im wondering if this is whats messing up my sleep..
    sometimes i dream really disturbing things.. like ppl killing me.. i can remember everything.. and i have 2 consciously tell my self when i wake up that im here and it was a dream..
    and others are dreams that happen alot.. its like im back in horrible situations from when i was younger.. apparently i shout out in my sleep.. i dont make any sense thank goodness.. iv been told i mumble.. and shout mumbles.. :unsure: ie i dont make any sense.. which is fine by me..
    i want 2 sleep like normal ppl.. its 2.30 am here.. most ppl will be waking up in 3 or 4 hours.. i know i wont even have got a moments sleep by then.. i dont want 2 become a nocturnal hobbit.. but thats what i have become..
    i darent try sleeping pills.. as i hear they are addictive.. and i will probably get hooked easily..
    i dunno.. think i needed 2 just vent this.. x
  2. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    i know exactly how you feel, but most of my nightmares are zombies killing me. i have the sleeping trouble a lot too. you could try alternative remedys?
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Try warm milk i am telling you there is truth to this. When you warm milk up something is released and it calms you down. Change up your routine a bit too as this sometimes kicks you out of that not able to sleep routine. Do the opposite of what you usually do they say. If you listen to loud music usually then listen to quiet music If you read then don't read this helps change you routine a bit so reprogram your body to sleeping different times.
    I hope you have no more nightmare only sweet dreams from now on.:night:
  4. shades

    shades Staff Alumni

    I'm so sorry to hear this Mand as it is exactly what I've been experiencing for the last 10 plus years or so. Started when I was about 40. I do talk and mumble a bit but no screaming or shouting. My dreams are horrible and always have been, ever since I was a teen. Most of my family, including myself is on some kind of sleep medication which barely gives me 2-3 hours.

    I'm sorry i don't have any answers, but I know a few people who just stay up all night and sleep in the afternoons (I usually have to take a nap at sometime during the day). Of course, this doesn't work for those who have day jobs. Some anti-depressants or meds for bi-polar disorder, which I've tried did help my sleep pattern, but the other side effects were unbearable.

    What have your m.d. and/or t or pdoc. said about it?
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