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cant sleep

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cant sleep last night. cant sleep tonight too. i yearn n yawn for bed but my mind stay awake for hrs...tired in mind n body...i dont think anymore...just go thru everyday like zombie...make myself tired so i can stay away frm evil thoughts but once im in bed, the nightmares grab hold of me...and then i cant sleep once again...long night

edit: i love my bed. its embarrasing to say. but i really really love it. its the only place i truely feel safe. i can let my tears fall and not worried abt others seeing. its crap the nightmares r taking over. so fucking sad!! it makes lying in bed upset and i get even more irritated im being taking away frm my fav place. it shouldnt be so. its all wrong. i still love my bed but i cant lie in it anymore. the evil thoughts try to get to me when its all quiet and i cant give in to the evil thoughts, at least nt now. everyday i busy myself with something else, wear myself out so my mind goes blank but my heart hurts even more.i know im running away. its so sad im just a parasite for my family. my mum will faint if she knows the truth. that im a useless burden. but i still need more time. im being selfish. i wanna more time to be with them, to do whatever i can for them at the end. ohhh just ignore me. my rambles of the night. when can i sleep? i miss my bed!!!!!
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I'm sorry that you're losing your favorite place to whatever haunts you once you lay down.
I know what it feels like to drift through days like they never even happened, sometimes where the only thing to look forward to was sleeping.

I hope you find a way to put the nightmares out of your mind or overcome them all together. Im here to talk if you ever want :)
this shld be in the rant section (if there's one) or the closest: let it all out section...mind wasnt functioning well last night...absolutely random and insane lolz


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Can you get to a psychiatrist? That might be a first step in getting to a more comfortable place. Not being able to sleep can be really hell.
"I know what it feels like to drift through days like they never even happened, sometimes where the only thing to look forward to was sleeping.
". You reallly took the words right out of my head. I am feeling that same way and have for a few months. I've been told to eat and sleep to get "better" and heal but just can't figure out how to make that happen. Laying in bed in the quiet, the thoughts take over. The ones you try to block out all day. It's truly exhausting. I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and I sincerely believe for both of us that it will be better in time, maybe not today, but one day. Sending a hug your way. Have you considered a sleeping "pill". Sleep deprivation can cause a whole slew of issues and you can't start feeling better without sleep. I normally wouldn't recommend using drugs to help you sleep, but sometimes you have to try whatever works to get through the tough times. If you do considerate this, only take 1 at bedtime NEVER during the day. I was so down sometimes I just wanted to take them consecutively thinking if I could just sleep through the misery one day it would be gone. If you get an RX for them, they monitor them and only give you a couple weeks worth at a time and won't even refill if you try to before a certain amount of days go by. They do this in effort to control abuse of them. Good luck to you.
Don't let them come over you and try to be relaxed and i know that it is not possible and hope it is not easy and do try it. Once you are awaken then it is not easy to sleep again.
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