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    Just had an argument with my mum and she's still shouting at me. Shit. Cant stand that, i just cant stand. :mad: I just wish she could shut up. She is mad at me coz i spend sp much time online but what she doesnt understand that its the only place i can talk to ppl about my problems! Yes i do speand lots of time online but once i have a job again i wont have as much time for this so why cant i just use my time while i can?:dry: :mellow: :mad: Oh how i hate the fact that she just doesnt want to understand my problems and doesnt want to listen to me! I am trying to explain her i have a social anxiety but she just keeps telling me that i am just shy and it will dissapear if i speak to ppl more. To real people. According to her internet makes ppl even more reserved and shy. And i feel thats not the case. If i dont come here and talk who will listen to me then?? I have no one to talk in real life! No one! Even my mum doesnt understand me, i really love her but she doesnt understand any of my problems. Well i know why, its simply coz she has never been through this so i dont blame her. Well maybe a bit. Still it does hurt big time. It hurts knowing that the only "real" person i can speak to more or less openly doesnt understand me one bit. Heh... :-o :(

    Gonna go have some mint tea, this may help............
  2. Hey Twilight Kid,

    I find that I can relate to your post more than anyone else's at the moment because my mother is the exact same way. A few years ago the computer became my life. At first it was to take up time, to rid me of my boredom. But soon, as I got older and things got harder, I met people that honestly saved me from committing suicide. I have made so many friends on the internet, all who've given me a reason to live. And yes, my mother yells at me frequently for being on here so long. But I suppose we just have to deal with it. Soon, you'll be out on your own and can spend as much time on the computer as you want. Just hang in there. And try to cherish the time you are allowed to spend on here. When feeling low and in need, but you can't go on here: go through conversations you've had with people that made you especially happy. I think that might help.
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    It's difficult for those that haven't suffered from depression or a mental illness to understand what goes on with a person who has. You are already under alot of pressure and I know what she does can't help much with the feelings you are going through right now but maybe that's just her way of understanding you. It seems like you have an open relationship where you feel you can talk to each other, that's a good positive, I don't know how you would go about educating her about mental health illnesses, or yours in particular but maybe that's the next viable option?
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    I know you are very close to your mom and she cares about you a lot...but yes, it is difficult for people to understand things they haven't experienced. It is also difficult for parents to accept that their children have serious problems because they don't like to see their children in pain. As you know, I'm very close to my mom too, but I haven't even tried to tell her about my depression or suicidal feelings because I know how much it would hurt her just to know that I hurt so much. Try explaining to your mom how difficult it is for you to speak to people and like Robin suggested, try educating her about mental health illnesses. Maybe you could even talk her into taking you to a doctor who could officially diagnose you and help explain your condition to her. Even if she doesn't understand, I know she cares about you very much and wants the best for you...don't give up. :hug: