Can't stand it anymore, life being ruined

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It is driving me crazy- the hacker has taken over my amazon account now, and I"m sure he'll soon start ordering things from my account. I cannot get gmail to close my hacked account or return it to me. I have filled out the form a dozen times, but I can't get a human being to look at what I am writing. I tired filling it out with all the information they asked for, then I tried fillling it out by writing "PLEASE CANCEL MY ACCOUNT" on everything, but nothing works. The problem isnt' that I can't get my account back, the problem is that hte hacker is still sending out emails with my name attached to them all over the placeasking for money and doing illegal things with my account with my name on it. I can't stand this- he just broke into my amazon account now and locked me out of it. I can't get gmail to respond. I have been trying and tryng. I can't stand it- all the contacts I've built up both for work and friendship are now being exploited by this guy. He is begging people for money and saying things to htem and they don't know its not me. My professional reputation is being ruined. Meanwhile, he's traipsing through my private emails and using the informatoin in them to try and convince my friends that he is me and I need money. he emailed my poor grandmother 6 times and used personal information he got from my other letters to her. I know he is reading my most personal stuff.

I"m at the end of my rope. I just want to die. I can't stand it anymore. I can't. i hate my life. I hate being in pain all the time, and I just can't take this. I cant' get back into my facebook account either. I had to cancel my paypal account. This is a nightmare. I was depressed before this whole thing, Now I can't stand it. I can't possibly contact every business I ever worked with and warn them that the hacker is not me. He has total power and control over my life and its terrible to think about what he's doing right now.

I don't want to fight these feelings anymore. I don't. I want to die.


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Contact your local FBI and see what can be done about internet extortion...if s/he is doing it to you, s/he is doing it to others...and do not ruin your life over this monster...also contact your local TV station and have them do a piece of this!


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Get your bank to freeze any payments to Amazon also.

Write one email explaining to friends what is happening and mass email it out.

Your professional reputation is intact!

The hackers is not! FBI will be onto him and he will be begging a cell mate for mercy perhaps.

Good luck!
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Well, the guy has pretty bad grammer and spelling, so maybe people will realize he is not an native english speaker (he actually GAVE his address to my friend who said she'd send him money (she was playing him) and he lives in Nigeria). I filled out a form to report him to the FBI and my friend said she would too and inlcude the address he gave. So maybe they will eventually get cousin sent out a message to all my contacts saying it wasn't me....I can't get into that account...but there are still people I've worked with whose addreses are in my account (under "Sent mail" or something) that I can't contact....its going to be hard. I know I shouldn't let this person drive me to suicide...but I feel so hopeless. I already felt suicidal before this. ow I feel like I"m barely holding on.


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Do as sadeyes said and contact the FBI.. He has crossed state lkines so you have his ass.. They just need to catch up with him.;.


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I filled out the form on the FBI's website. My friend, who recieved emails from him (as well as his address that he sent her) is also filling out the form. Maybe they will be onto him Until then, I wil just have to deal with it as best I can


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Hi Talia, You're doing a wonderful job.. doing everything you see fit to catch this criminal. I hope to receive good news from you soon regarding his/her capture. Will be thinking of you during this difficult time. May your reputation be restored as soon as possible. :hug: Warmest regards.. Mr. A


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*/////////////Thank you And thanks for all the responses.

You know, I think I may be worrying more than I have to. I think most people know that if they get an email asking for money because somone is stuck in Europe or needs an operation that it is a fake. Internet scams are common so people are aware of them. If of the people I have had dealings with, professional or otherwise, get an email from this guy, they will probably know it is from an account that has been hijacked.

In addition, this guy's grammer and spelling aren't too good. And while I sometimes make mistakes typing, you can tell from my messages that I speak and write English well, like a native speaker (which of course I am) and he sounds like someone who doesn't know English that well

So people will probably figure that my account has been hacked.

Good news- a friend of mine has a forward I sent out to all my friends, she forwarded it to me, and now I have my contacts list. Now I can again send emails to my friends. So I haven't lost touch with anyone important. I sent out a message en masse to all of them, giving them my new email address, and two have already written back. So things are looking up a bit.


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It's okay, you can edit that post and remove the symbols you typed by accident.


Ooh, and cheers to you recovering your contact list! :)

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