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    Loved girl for two years, never had the chance for her to even meet me,Never had anything to do with my dad really and always lived and worked in isolation since I was barely 10 except for school, where I would be more of a loner at times. <Mod Edit - Methods> The girl which I've dreamed about spending the rest of my life with, had got Facebook, I sent her a request, as a lot of people she didn't even know sent her and accepted, but she rejected mine, it is now nearing the end of my chance, and I think I've lost. As a joke people will spread rumors about someone, but to the people who don't know me think they are true.
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    Sam, I am sorry, I am sorry that you feel you missed your chance at the girl of your dreams, I am sorry to that you are contemplating Suicide, I know what you are feeling, I also have been where you are, I have been with the love of my life and lost her! I lost her after only 3 years, she left me all alone, She died! I truly miss her so much she was the one really bright spot in my entire life, I loved her with a passion I could not believe I was capable of! So yes SAM, I do know what you are going through, I hope you will see a more and brighter life ahead, it is possible, I believe you have come to the right place with your feelings and emotions like they are now, you are hurting, you don't see anything positive I hope that you will spend a little time here reading and talking with people, it is safe here for you, no one will judge you, they are compassionate and friendly here, Please speak up if you need anything or you can just read and talk if that is what you need to do right now, take your time no hurry, this is here for you! Sam, Take care of your self, you are an important and obviously loving person, I believe there will be someone out there for you! You deserve a chance at life, please don't throw that chance away!