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It's been so long since I've had trouble with eating disorder issues. I've gone undiagnosed but for the longest time I've struggled with both binging and starving myself and lately I've been binging so much and I can't figure out how to stop. I think I know what my trigger is but I don't know how to cope with it. This is really hard because I've never opened up about eating disorders before due to past experiences so I'm not sure who to turn to. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hey! I know what are you going through, I used to deal with a heavy eating disorder in the past and still when I get realy upset I might binge eat. Like you, I havent seen a specialist or anything, since I had a hard time talking about it, but I learned a lot just by observing what I do and what I eat. Sometimes the thing to blame is not only the emotional trigger but the physical as well.
Of course, everyone is diffrent, This helped me a lot and maybe it will help you too. You say you have starved yourself in the past, so at some point you denied your body of all the nutrients that it needs, that is the first thing that will make you want to binge eat.

Second, when I binge eat, I ussualy just allow myself and pass all judgment. I just let myself have as much as I want. BUT there is one thing - the food has to be healthy... of course when you binge eat, the healthy becomes unhealthy but at least for me, it was that little step that got me moving from where I was to where I am... so make sure the food is good and nutritious, like nuts, seeds, alot of sweet fruits, dark real chocolate, cocca powder, whole grain... No simple carbs, as they will make you want to have more food but wont give you the feeling of fullnes.
Consider adding more protein and fats to your diet, protein is the building material of your body and if you are not having enough, you might feel hungry. As for fats, they have to be the good kind of fats, they will also give you that feeling of fullness, try a tablespoon of extra virginn olive oil daily, avocados, dark chocolate, fatty fish, whole eggs and so on. The best part is that these foods also help you lose weight :)

Ok, sorry if i rambled away, I hope this was alteast some help to you. Keep in mind that good nutrition will balance the emotions so you will be calmer. And remember to drink alot of water!
If this does not help, I hope you will find the answers you are looking for real soon! Take care <3


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Omg I feel you so much! ;____; I've been stuck in a binge cycle since SEPTEMBER. I keep telling myself that I'm gonna stop when I run out of junk food but my mom keeps buying more!

I'm here for the tips if anybody has any :D

For me, slamming diet cokes keeps me busy but I just can't control myself lately. (Haaalp)

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