cant stop shaking

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    cant stop shaking my so called "friend" likes to stir shit up and hurt me get me angry and annoyed and stir more shit up. hes been talking to one of the *****s my ex cheated on me with and shes been saying nasty shit about me as usual telling him im using his friendship and im nasty etc etc being an absolute bitch and its riled me up as usual. everytime this "friend" talks about her or tells me what shes said i start shaking uncontrollably and cant rest my mind for hours i just hate her so fucking much and my "friend" made it 100 x worse having a go at me saying, "god why cant yu two just get along?!" what an INSENSITIVE asshole is he?!?! he thinks i will be FRIENDS with a bitch that was messing around with my boyfriend behind my back for fucking months? that she got him to use me for her and his own gain. someone my ex said he had fucking feelings for to her, mentioned marriage and sex and fucking cyber fucked her day in day out my so called "FRIEND" thinks i will jjust lay down and take it and be her FRIEND? is he joking?! insensitie prick i hate the fucking lot of them. hes a selfish asshole and doesnt even give a shit he just sits there telling me the shit she says about me and her the shit i say about her and laughs his fat ass off at us both i hate him :/ why cant he realise after 3 years of this that it still HURTS ME i think he does it just to remind me what a bastard my ex is and to get at me for not dating him after all this time :/

    on top of that, my bastard asshole of an ex thinks its ok to talk to me. only when hes ready of course and only to talk about POINTLESS. SHIT. doesnt realise that it pisses me off or makes me angry to even look at him even online. why cant i stop shaking? i dont give a shit about the dirty prick anymore, yet talk of his past (or possibly still present) bitches makes me ache inside and want to cry. why are men such ASSSHOLEs and women such BITCHES i hope they all fucking drown. hate life hate people and hate myself for letting this get to me and making me want to break down and cry after all this fucking time GET OVER IT YOU STUPID COW
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    How horrible, if said "friend" has done so much to hurt you, to manipulate those around you. Most people do these things because they are jealous of something, I had the same thing happen to me years ago when my best friend turned against me to become a popular prep in our school, she wanted to be popular and cool in the eyes of the students and turned herself into a slutty bitch in the process. With the help of my loyal friends I eventually got over her despite her constant bullying, I hope you may find such support as well, no person deserves to be treated so cruely. I know you dont know me but I wish you luck, Ill always be open if you need someone to talk to.
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    Thanks, I appreciate your words and offer. :)