-Can't survive without love-

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    Restless nights, tear covered ground
    Painful dreams make my heart pound
    Desire for a love that could be mine one day
    Doubting voices steal my hopes away

    Voice of darkness whispers in my ear
    A strong desire to end it here
    So very alone, I'm going insane
    If I can't feel loves touch, shall rid myself this pain

    -A life as dark as mine, to see the worst of things. A constent worry and constant doubts. Always thinking the worst of the outcome. Seeing couples hold hands and kiss passionately. A desire I crave, a love I want back. My aching heart is broken in peices, waiting to be mended back together. I can't live like this. It's killing me inside. Was there any hope that they'd return? To fix my broken heart? My logic and heart (little bit) says yes, but my depressed thoughts suggest otherwise. I am loosing my mind, my thoughts are driving me insane. I honestly don't know what to do. I feel nearly suicidal at this point.
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    I know the feeling :hug:. It gets crushing at a point. Right now I'm not extremely lonely, I'm just really exhausted. So when I want to go to bed I'm not tired and I just lay there :dry:. And that's shit when all you have to think about is how crap your day has been...

    There is a small glimmer of hope. For all of us :).
    I hope one day we'll get to experience it...:hugtackles:

    Take care, this feeling will pass in time.
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    It takes time to mend a wounded heart.. When I left my ex I cried everyday for a year or so..Then I got angry..Thats all it took for me to get over it..My ex got married three months after we split..This guy is old enough to be her dad..I'm past the anger now and have an oh well attitude..At least she isn't useing me anymore..
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    I'm so in love tho, distance for college was an issue. I feel that my ex will come back and we will be together. Broke up since few months after last summer. Went camping the past week and we ended up holding hands through the night and playfully touching each other. I can sense the feelings, but I'm having doubts that we will get back together. My heart does tell me that we would. But I just can't ignore the possibility of the worst. If perhaps I wasn't so depressed. Perhaps if my life wasn't such a mess, maybe my thoughs would be different. I just hate to feel so emotionally attached just to be heart broken again.
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