cant take any more pain! need to just write!

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  1. DMT

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    Here stands a boy
    shackled and bound,
    fleeting was the moment or day
    he was ever to be found.

    Regardless of his strength
    or his untold might,
    he couldn't muster up
    another ounce of good fight.

    Now realizing he was
    frail and old,
    leaving behind him memories
    forever hunting and untold.

    He looked to his future with
    fiddle de dum and fiddel dee,
    knowing that soon
    he would forever be free.

    Then so young
    so torn and scared,
    placed in a land
    to venture no one dared.

    Looking out from his land
    on the disappointing horizon,
    he saw a future
    one so dreadfully frightening.

    so young and unloved
    filled totally with fear,
    wondering if anywhere
    anyone cared to shed a tear.

    Consumed with hate,
    Desperate to escape,
    he pondered his fate,
    with endless debate.

    Every winding path
    he ever could choose,
    was one from which
    he could only ever loose.

    with untold pain
    just over the horizon,
    a decision was made
    one most compromising.

    he would live just a little
    all shackled and bound,
    till the world he was in
    was swallowed deep under ground.

    now fearless he stood
    to seal his fate,
    he could no longer fight
    or cared to debate.

    time stood still
    as if frozen to the spot,
    invisiging the place
    his corps would soon rot.

    Engulfed in a moment
    of no regret,
    he wondered just who
    who would fret.

    his wife his children
    his family or those,
    who are always
    muscling in their nose.

    What of my family?
    Could I ever be happy?
    Who are we?
    Is there a god and where is he?
    Is this what me life must be?

    All this he thought
    from a far off place,
    where his heart was battling
    at a very steady pace.

    Free for a moment
    to review the things unsaid,
    'I love you' one said
    when dyeing on a bed.

    'Remember me as I was'
    could not be spoken,
    for all the memories
    would soon be broken.

    Instead just standing
    and staring in to the obis,
    unfolding a life
    surely no one would miss.

    He thought of the boy
    shackled and bound
    meeting his maker
    deep underground.

    With a smile full of fiddle de dum
    and a tear of fiddel de dee

    He opened his eyes and
    took one last look around
    forever to be free
    never again shackled and bound.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I hear you hun and i do understand i do really but hun you have to hold on to your childrens love and your wifes
    You do not want the pass on the pain you do not want them to suffer
    You can get out of those shackles hun by talking to your doctor by getting the necessary help hun to pull you out of that darkness hugs
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