cant take anymore rejection

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Bezdin, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. Bezdin

    Bezdin New Member

    all my life i been rejected by girls, im 24 and joined a dating site and just getting rejected girl after girl after girl

    and on top of that parents treat me like crap and im having a lot of other problems and im at the end of my rope i want to edit mod total eclilpse against rules.> :frown-new:
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  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am sorry you are feeling so low but to harm yourself and others is not the way hun You talkto your doctor get some therapy for your depression and your anger ok
    i had to delete part of your post as it was wanting to harm others that is against rules so please take time to read rules
  3. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    hi. I am sorry things are so painful. I too am wondering if counseling might help you to be better with finding that right girl. I once went to a thrapist who taught me all kinds of things. Maybe that would help. I hope you will stay alive. Because you just might be missing out on a wonderful girl if you give up on yourself and life.
  4. Bezdin

    Bezdin New Member

    I have been on medicine and therapy since 2008....psycho therapy and medication is not magic, some people can get better but not everyone does. For many people suicide is a better alternative, and reading some the posts here, I wouldn't judge or try to tell anyone here that suicide is wrong. Its our life, we should have a right to when we feel we have had enough and want to die.

    Total I been reading some of your posts, why do u keep typing "OK" in ur sentences.

    For example OK u keep talking OK like this OK. Why do you keep doing that ok? Anyways OK, thanks for trying to help me OK.
  5. mpang123

    mpang123 Well-Known Member

    Bezdin, if suicide is a better alternative to living, then many of us would be dead by now. I've been suicidal practically half of my life, thinking that would be the way to go. However, because of all the intervention I've received, I think suicide is not the way to go. Life is precious and there's too many good things in life to live for. It's our depression that makes us think that dying is better than living. I know that my depression always get in the way with logical thinking and I'm glad that these people here are here to help me think logically and that holding on to life is definitely worth it.
  6. eve1

    eve1 Member

    most parents treat most of us like crap. you are getting too old to care what your parents think of you, or how they treat can't changer your mum and dad, you never even chose these people, but you can change the way they affect you...this takes a bit of training but it can be done. about rejection, most of it is not personal. i had a wonderful husband that was part of a corrupt system, that i could never fit in....i had to leave him...this does not mean i didn't care, or admire him for the way he tried...i have a husband who literally moved the worlds, to find me, and is probably feeling a bit, cheated coz the women he found,she has all these feelings for other men, which he's not used to, coz he knows me back when there was nothing but him for me...and probably doesn't realize that i love him more now, not less...coz now there's other, i could or couldn't fit with, now there's problems and misunderstandings, and pain we inflicted upon each other, and i still chose him...that's a whole lot of love, right there...but unless my husband thinks positive, he could, just feel cheated out of the creature he used to love and just overlook this creature i am now....what i mean is, don't be fixed on some scenario you think has to play out...rejection, most of it you will ever feel, is not coz something's wrong with's coz those people have their own lives and issues and loves...and hates, most of all, people are driven by fears and hates...we can all find enough reason to be angry and depressed...all of us...only i can choose to let go of my anger, my frustration...others can only help....only you can let go of yours.....and see what's there yet to come for you...might not be what you thought should happen...but is that any reason to be so angry not to be able to enjoy things that do come your way...we all get a crappy deal on this earth, if we choose to focus on that little fact...i could find million reasons to be angry at my husband, at the last 3 men on this earth that are not trying to ruin me completely...i chose not's a choice, it doesn't come natural to me at all...i have to make an effort, conscience effort...not to be so angry and depressed...

    make an effort to understand that most hurt that people inflict upon us speaks about them more than us, and that getting over people and hurt and pain, is all part of being human and that you are so young, you have a whole life on endless possibilities ahead of you....
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