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Can't take anymore

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I have tried getting proffesional help nd they just make me feel worse. For 16yrs i have tried fighting all my feelings and fears but i no longer have the fight left in me. I know a lot of ppl care about me and will miss me but i really can't go on like this anymore no matter what i have tried i always end up back in this dark place wanting peace so the time has come to find that peace. Sorry to all those who have tried to help lately i guess i just don't want it enough.

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I think you want to stay hun you don't want death You want peace yes
somehow you need to get your doctor to listen to get your meds changed different therapy so you can find that peace. Depression it is a cycle and yu will feel better again soon You do not know what the future will bring you what doors will eventually open to bring you joy. Hang on okay reach out to the community groups as well for support You are right you will be missed andi know you do not want to cause others sadness by leaving hugs to you
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